Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My heart and I

We had a heart to heart
My heart and I
It spoke and I listened
It felt and I sensed it
It broke and I held it
It scolded and I accepted
It showed me and I saw
It's quite a remarkable thing
This heart of mine
And then my ego
That shadowy deceiver
What a con!
So I took an eraser
And smudged him out
My sexy critic
Inner critic to be exact
Always whispering
In my ear
Suffocating that poor heart
Thanks for sharing
Now shoo!
Go away.
Hush now.
Be silent please...
My dear sweet heart 
Has something to say
So back again to my heart
To have another
Heart to heart
It is a remarkable thing
This heart of mine
Fills me with awe and wonder
So vast
So sublime
In it I see
The universe
Do I contain it?
Or does it contain me?
This heart
Which holds
If I stayed there a day
A years knowledge 
Would I gain...
Ahhh yes presence
With this heart
And suddenly
The skies clear
And the song of my soul breaks forth
And what a song
And what wisdom
I am breathless
It all becomes clear
What a fool 
It made of me
This ego
Such deceit
Ludicrous bullshit!
And still
I have not the heart
To hate it
Or anything at all
Such a wonderfully 
Remarkable thing!
This heart 
Of mine
All forgiven
All forgotten
It knows hurt
It knows pain
It knows love
This heart of mine
Knows them all
Does it hold me?
Or do I...
Hold my heart
Now that's a thought
A good conversation
One that requires 
Heart to heart
My heart and I 

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Anonymous said...

Really beautiful heart touching lines:)