Friday, December 9, 2016

Curtain fall

After all was said and done
The charade played out
The false pleasantries dispensed with
And the act seen through 'till curtain fall
Time slows down 
And I am content 
To just sit 
And be
Surrounded in warmth 
And genuine love


Anonymous said...

Khair ho Aap ki bas

Anonymous said...

Impostor syndromes..fear of using powerful statements, setting inner boundaries, knowing you are and declaring it without feeling imperious... Are we supposed to be squirmish weasels or grown-ass people defining ourselves and making life statements, not just fashion statements, as we go...
Nothing defensive, or pretentious. Just knowing who you are and relishing in it. Just go with it.

Anonymous said...

Great Shahnaz, then who is 'Shahnaz'?

Anonymous said...

Wow Shahnaz your "Curtain fall" reminded me of this,

'' Sachi gal Mansoor ne dasi te Qaziyan saza sunai

Tu bhi sach sach das de kurye hun gal tere sar aayi''


Anonymous said...

Husne Yusuf Dam'e Eisa Yad'e Bezadari
Aanche Khooba'n Hama Darang Tu Tanha Daari

Salam Dear Shahnaz! And Eid Milad un Nabi Mubarak as today is 12th Rabi ul Awal,the day of the arrival of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H) ,Allah said:

"O Prophet, truly We have sent you as a Witness, and a Bearer of glad tidings, and a Warner,
And as a Summoner unto Allah by his command, and as a Lamp that gives bright light."

Everyone knows the importance of the day i want to share with you some praising poetry lines about our beloved Prophet(Salallahu Alayhi Wasalam)...

"Husne Yusuf Dam'e Eisa Yad'e Bezadari
Aanche Khooba'n Hama Darang Tu Tanha Daari"

Thou hast beauty of Prophet Joseph(Yousuf), healing power of Prophet Jesus Christ(Eisa), and brilliant hand of Prophet Moses(Musa). In short thou alone possesseth all these qualities of loveliness that constitute physical assemblage of graces... (Salallahu Alayhi Wasalam)


"Ya Rasool Allah, Habib e Khaaliq e Yakta Toui"

Allama Iqbal:
"Ki Muhammad se wafa tu ne to ham tere hain
Ye jahan hai cheez kya,loh o qalam tere hain"

Salam us pr ke jis ne bekaso'n ki dastageeri ki
Salam us par ke jis ne Badshahi mein faqeeri ki

Quratulain said...

Nigah e Ishq o masti mein wohi awal,wohi akhir

Wohi quran,wohi furqan,wohi ya'aseen,wohi taha

Eid Milad un Nabi(S.A.W) Mubarak Shahnaz

Anonymous said...

Hello Shahnaz,where are you,hope you are allright and in best of health.
I am too too late but happy new year may Allah bless you with everything you want.
Curtain fall is too good but i am waiting for your next post.BE BRAVE BE SMILING SHAHNAZ:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Shahnaz,i heard that weather condition there in your area is not good,so please be very carefull and stay at home and in kambal as much as you can .thanks

Anonymous said...

Ye parda'daari hai kya tamasha

Mujhi mein reh kar mujhi se parda

Tabah karna agar hai mujh ko

Naqab utha aur tabah karde

Banda e Yaar said...

Dil mera chura kar Wo keun ankh chura baithey

Ab hosh hamein aya jab hosh ganwa baithey

Us shokh ki mehfil mein tab ja ke jaga payi

Jab bazm e do aalam se ham hath utha baithey

Main hijr ise samjhu ya wasl kahun Sajid

Nazron se jo bachte the Wo dil mein samaa baithey.


Banda e Yaar said...

Baith jaon to dil mein dard uthta hai

Dard uthta hai to baith jata hoon

Roz kehta hoon bhool jaun unhain

Roz ye baat bhool jata hoon

Anonymous said...

Ho Teri khair mere dil ko dhukhane wale

Chashm e badoor tere teer hain nishane wale

Ek Teri zaat ka sahara hai dil e betaab ko

Door reh kar bhi mere dil se na jane wale..

Anonymous said...

Hairan hoon Tum kon ho kya ho?

Hath ao to But,hath na ao to Khuda ho..

Aap hi apna parda ho

Tum ek gorakh dhanda ho.

Faizan Farooq said...

This is good shahnaz.