Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Haq sayaan...

Parh Parh Alam Fazal Hoya 
Kalam Baba Bulleh Shah

Parh parh Alam te faazil hoya
Te kaday apnay aap nu parhya ee na

(You read to become
all knowledgeable
But you never read yourself)

You read so many books
to know it all,
yet fail to ever read your
heart at all.

Bhaj bhaj warna ay mandir maseeti
Te kaday mann apnay wich warya ee na

(You run to enter temples and mosques
But you never entered your own heart)

You rush to holy shrines to play a part,
Would you dare enter the shrine of your heart

Larna ay roz shaitaan de naal
Te kadi nafs apnay naal larya ee na

(Everyday you fight Satan
But you never fight your own Ego)

You are quick to attack the evil one,
yet pride is a battle you have not won.

Bulleh Shah asmaani ud-deya pharonda ay
Te jera ghar betha unoon pharya ee na

(Bulleh Shah you try grabbing that which is in the sky
But you never get hold of What sits inside you)

You grab for a star you can control,
yet fail to grasp the light in your soul.

Bas kareen o yaar
(Stop it all my friend)

Let the race end, my friend

Ilm-oun bas kareen o yaar
Ik Alif teray darkaar

(Stop seeking all this knowledge my friend
Only an Alif is what you need)

Stop trying to be the one who knows,
for 'God is One' you need to know.

Bas kareen o yaar
(Stop it all my friend)

End the race, my friend

Allah Sayyaan Allah Sayyaan
(God is the Master, God is All)

God is All we need! God is All!

Nee main jaanaa Jogi de naal

(I shall follow the Yogi {ascetic/sufi})

Follow the wandering dervish!

Jo naa jaane, Haqq ki taaqat
Rabb naa devey us ko Himmat

(Those who deny the Strength of Truth
Lord does not give them courage)

If you deny the power of all that's true,
God will not grant strength to you.

Hum Mann ke darya mein doobey
Kaisi nayya? Kya manjhdhaar?

(We have drowned in the river of Self
the boat and the flowing waters do not matter)

We are lost in this river of self,
no boat or streams are of any help.

Bas kareen o yaar
(Stop it all my friend)

End the race, my friend

Ilm-oun bas kareen o yaar
(Stop seeking all this knowledge my friend)

Stop trying to know it all, my friend.

Allah Sayyaan Allah Sayyaan
(God is the Master, God is All)

God is All we need! God is All!


Aley Karim said...

I sometimes feel humans sumhow try to keep finding there own ways of straying away from the ever persistent truth around us that is we are all going fade away some how or the other and this wonderful place wont even be able to recall we ever existed i came across these 3 lines a few days back and it has become a rooted patch in me now, it goes :


At first i cudnt understand it but after completing me own curve of painful learning i guess i m getting the hold of it ....

Anonymous said...

You are just as amazing and strong as you were in the drama... Actually more. Great inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shahnaz! its really a nice post.looking forward to see some more sufi translated poetry from here,though Baba Bulley Shah is one of my favourites.its seems like he told the world in the simplest of way one can.

"Ek nukte vich gal mukdi aey

ek nukta YAAR parhaya aey"

"Parh parh ilm kitaban te tu naam rakha lya qazi

Hath vich pharh ke talwar te tu naam rakhaa lya ghazi
Makke Madeene ghum ayaa te tu naam rakhaa lya haji

O Bulleya hasil ki keeta je tu YAAR(Rab) na keeta razi"

"Aey tilkan bazi vehrha aey

Tham tham ke turo andhera aey

Varh andar vekho kehra aey

Keun khalqat bahr dodhendi aey

mu ai gal na rehndi aey"

(ye dunya phislan ki jaga hai

dekh dekh kar chalo ke andhera hai

apne andar to dekho ke kon baitha hai

ye log use bahr keun talash karte hain

zuban par ai hui baat main kehne se nahi ruk sakta)

[It is indeed a slippery park.
I take precautions in the dark
De inside and see for yourself
Why this wild search afar?

I must utter what comes to my lips.]

Quratulain said...

Beautiful dear its very Shahnazness stuff.Loved it :)

Anonymous said...

Kalam of Hazrat Sultan Bahu

Nit asaade khalle khande
Ae dunya zishti Hu

Jinde kaaran beh beh rovan
Sheikh,Mashaikh,Chishti Hu

Jinha andar hubb dunya di
Gharq unhan di kashti Hu

Tarq dunya di kar tu Bahu
Khaasa rah bahishti Hu..

(nit=rozana,khalle=joote, dunya zishti=dunya daar log , kaaran=waja se , hubb=muhabat , tarq = khatam karna , khaasa = bilkul sahee , bahishti = jannati)

This fool ,ugly world for which people and some religous people too shed tears
is rebuffed and rebucked by the lovers of God

If you are ambitious for the world.
You will drown midstream in the ocean of life.

Let us renounce the world O, Bahu.
And adopt the invaluable path to God.]

Na o hindu,na o momin
Na sajdey den masitee Hu.

Dam dam de vich vekhan Maula,
Jinhaa'n qazaa na keeti Hu.

Aahe danay bane deewane,
Zaat sahee vanj keeti Hu.

Main qurban tinhaa'n te Bahu
Ishq baazi jin leeti Hu.

(danay=samajhdar log, sahee vanj keeti=durust karna,mukammal karna, tinhaa'n= un par , jit leeti=jeet li)

[ Not hindus nor muslims
free of religous ties,
lovers don't pray in mosques.

But they never take a break from thier devotions
And are always in communication with Lord within.

Absorbed in the essence of the Lord
They feign ignorance to conceal thier wisdom.

I sacrifice myself to those Bahu.
Who enters the arena of Love and win this game. ]

Na Rab arsh mu-alla utte,
Na Rab Khanay Kaabe Hu.

Na Rab ilm kitaba'n labha,
Na Rab vich mehrabe Hu.

Ganga teerath mool na mileya,
painde be-hisabe Hu.

Jad daa murshid pharreya Bahu,
Chuttay sab azabe Hu.

(arsh mu-alla= 7 aasman se buland maqaam , Khanay Kaabe= Mecca ,labha= mila , Ganga teerath= bathin in river ganges.hindus holy place , mool=kuch na mila , painde= faaslay , jad daa=jab se , chutte= nijaat mili , )

[ God does'nt live in the highest heavens,
Nor can he be found in the Holiest place Kaaba.

No one ever found him through learning or by knowing scriptures.

I never met him through bathing in river ganges,
I roamed far and wide in fruitless search.

But i was rid of all my anguish and despair,
When I put myself in my master's hand, O Bahu.]

Na main sunee,Na main shia
Dohaa'n ton dil sareya Hu.

Muk gae sab khuskee painde,
Jad darya wahdat varheya Hu.

Kae mantaare tar tar haare,
Koi kinare chareya Hu.

Sahee salamat paar gae
Jinhaa'n Murshid da larh phareya Hu.

(darya wahdat varheya=apne man ke darya mein dooba , mantaare= tairne wale , larh phareya= daman pakra)

[ I am neither a sunni,
nor a shia,
Both make me sick,both make me heartburn.

The dried part of my journey ended,
When I plunged into the ocean of oneness.

Many dived into that ocean ill-prepared and drowned,
Only the rare one who was able to swim across.

But those who held fast thier master's hand,
Safely landed ashore.]

Na main Aalim,na main faazil
Na mufti na qazi Hu.

Na dil mera dozakh te,
Na shauk bahistee razi Hu.

Na main taree roze rakhe,
Na main paak namazi Hu.

Bajh visaal Allah de Bahu,
Dunya koorhee bazi Hu.

( taree=thirty , Bajh visal= milne ke baghair , koorhee=jhooti , bazi= khel)

[I am neither scolarly,nor virtous.

A am not a priest,nor i am a expounder of Quranic law.

I crave not heaven,i fear not hell.

I have never fasted for the thirty days of ramadan,
Nor have i been a devoute worshiper in mosque.

This world is but a false drama,
Unless union is attained with Allah,O bahu.


Yes Shahnaz Sis ALLAH is all we need... this is the right path ... keep it up... My DOB is 13.01.1991 ....when ABC was released I was 6 or 7 years old... today I replayed again ABC on you tube... then randomly one video I saw in the queue, Nadia Khan with u, Kashif and Faraz. .. I am really very sad after hearing that u got divorce. ..very very upset... for Maghrib prayer I went to mosque and specially pray for u my sis... So ALLAH is all we don't be stray....
Remember me in your prayers...
Your Brother in Islam

Erum Akhter said...

Asalamoalaikum dear Shahnaz, my name is Erum and I am your ABC fan actually a huge fan of that strong and brave Shahnaz but I must say that your real life character is Mashallah stronger than of that.May Allah give you more strength and happiness and thanks for the read.:-)B-)

Shahnaz said...

I enjoyed reading all the amazing comments above. It nourished my soul. Gratitude!

Anonymous said...

I see you dancing with the light beaming from inside, showering all with stardust!

Anonymous said...

Kalme naal main nahati dhoti
Kalme naal viahee Hu

Kalma mera parhe janaza
Kalma gor suhahee Hu

Kalme naal bahistee janaa
Kalma kare safai Hu,

Muran muhaal tinhaa'n nu jinhaa'n
Sahib aap bulaee Hu

( Nahati dhoti= nahaee,take bath , viahee= shadi ki,wedded , parhe janaza= performed funeral , gor=qabar,grave , suhahee= achi,shandar , bahishtee= jannat,heaven , muran= wapsi , muhaal = mushkil , tinhaa'n nu= un keliye , jinhaa'n= jinko , aap= us ne khud , bulaee = bulaya )

[ In the nector of kalma i bathed and purified myself,
To the kalma i was joined in marriage.

It was kalma that,in the end performed my last rites,
It was kalma that adorned my grave.

With the kalma i will go to heaven,
Through the kalma i will be cleansed of my sins.

Those who are called by the God himself,
Find it hard to turn thier backs on Kalma.]

Kaamil murshid aisa howe,
Jo dhobi wangoon chatte Hu.

Naal Nigah de paak kare,
Na sajje saban ghatte Hu.

Maeley nu kar denda chitta,
Zara mael na rakhe Hu.

Aisa murshid howe Bahu,
Jehra loo'n loo'n de vich wasse Hu.

( kaamil murshid = perfect Master , dhobee =washerman,kapre dhoney wala , wangoo'n = ki tarah , chatte = saaf kare , Nigah=nazar,glance , sajje saban ghatte = safai keliye saban(washing soap) ki zarurat na ho , Maele=with dirt,kharab , chitta=white,saaf , loon loon = every pore of my body )

[ A perfect master scrubs his disiples,
As a washerman rubs and beats dirt out of clothes.

But unlike the washerman who needs soap,
The Master purifies with his glance.

Removing all traces of dirt from the disiple's soul.

Let the one who can permeate every pore of my being be my Master, O Bahu!.]

Godereyan wich laal jinhaa'n dee,
Ratee'n jagan adhiyan Hu.

Sik Mahee di tikan na dendee,
Lokee'n dende badiyan Hu.

Andar mera Haq tapiya,
khaleeyan raatee kadhiyan Hu.

Tan thee maas alaihda hoya Bahu,
Sookh jhulare hadiyan Hu.

(Godereyan=outwardly poor person's dress , laal =rubbies(Allah in thier hearts) , Ratee= raat ko , jagan = jagte hain , adhiyan= half/aadhi , Sik=pyar/Muhabat/Ishq , Mahee= beloved/Mehboob , tikan na dendee= sukoon/chaen se nahi bethne deti , Lokee= log/people , badiyan=bura kehna , khaleeyan=khare ho kar , ratee=ratein , kadhiyan=guzari/basar ki , Tan thee=jism se , maas=khaal , Sookh jhulare hadiyan=sirf jism par hadiyan reh gayi hain bas.)

[ People with rubies in thier ragged bundles,
Wake up in the dead of night to meditate on kalma.

Thier intense longing to meet the beloved permits them no rest,
While the ignorant hurl abuse at them no rest.

Many nights have i stood in prayers and supplication,
My heart burns in the fire of longing for the lord.

My grief has soaked up my blood and sherivelled my loosened skin.

Making by bones rattle in this skeletel frame,
Such is the depth of my seperation from the beloved!.]

Yaar yagana milsee taa je,
Sir dee baazi laaee'n Hu.

Ishq Allah wich ho mastaana,
HU! HU! sada alaee'n Hu.

Naal tasawur ism Allah de,
Dam nu qaid lagaee'n Hu.

Zaate naat je zaat rale,
Tad Bahu naam sahaee'n Hu.

(Yagaana=sab se juda/nirala , milsee=mile ga , taa je =tab hi , laee'n=lagao ge , sadaa alaee'n= har dam pukaro , Naal=sath , tasawur =khayal , Ism=naam/name , Dam noo qaid=har saans Yaar ke naam kar do , Zaate naal = Us Zaat ke sath , rale = mil jae/merge , Tad =tab , sahaee'n = durust hoga/sahi hoga )

[ You will only meet the unrivalled beloved
If you offer your head
on the alter of his love.

Then, in an ecstasy of love,
You will repeat the dhikr/name of HU constantly.

Devoting every breath of your life
In contemplation of him.

Only when your soul merges in the essence of the Lord,
Will you deserve the name "Bahu" . ]

Anonymous said...

Moths gathered in a fluttering throng one night
To learn the truth about the candle light.

And they decieded one of them should go
To gather news of the elusive glow.

One flew till in the distance he discerned
A palace window where a candle burned.

And went no nearer:back again he flew
To tell the others what he thought he knew.

The mentor of the moths dismissed his claim,
Remarking "he knows nothing of the flame".

A moth more eager than the one before
Set out and past beyond the door.

He hovered in the aura of the fire,
A trembling blur of timorous desire.

Then headed back to say how far he'd been,
And how much he had undergone and seen.

The mentor said "You do not bear the signs
Of one who's fathomed how the candle shines.

Another moth flew out his dizzy flight
Turned to an ardent wooing of the light.

He dipped and soared,and in his frenzied trance
Both self and fire were mingled by his dance.

The flame engulfed his wing-tips,body,head,
His being glowed a feirce translucent red.

And when the mentor saw that sudden blaze,
The moth's form lost within the glowing rays.

He said " he knows ,he knows the truth we seek,
That hidden truth which we cannot speak.

To go beyond all knowledge is to find
That comprehension which eludes the mind.

And you can never gain the longed-for goal,
until you first outsoar both flesh and soul.

But should one part remain, a single hair
Will drag you back and plunge you in despair.

No creature's self can be admitted here,
Where all identity must disappear.

Shahnaz, this is my one of very favourite poem from our great Sufi saint Shykh Farid ud deen Attar for whome Rumi said "Attar has traversed the seven cities of Love,and Rumi is still at the turn of one street"
Attar Ishq ke saat(7) shehro'n se ho kar chale gaye aur Rumi abhi aik shehr ki gali ke aik morh(turn) pe khara hai.

Abdullah Mehrvi said...

Hi Shahnaz! Lovely post and i must say that you should reconsider your own Punjabi and urdu versions,i know eng/urdu thing is useless but really i still remember your beautifull masterpieces (Sukoot,raqs e Haqeeqi ,Gardish,kashish)and some others ,and then there is a 'Speical sweetness' in it

"O te malang ho chali
O te malang ho chali

Na chero us diya'n gala'n
Na chuko us war ungli

O te malang ho chali
O te malang ho chali''
its lovely and awesome.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shahnaz,hope you are fine i just ended up reading this great book actually a 'Poem' "The Conference Of the Birds" on spirtuality or i think its more than that.after reading this poem RUMI said about the writer that "Attar has traversed the seven cities of Love, We are still at the turn of one street".
Besides being one of the most celebrated examples of Persian poetry, this book relies on a clever word play between the words Simorgh a mysterious bird in Iranian mythology which is a symbol often found in sufi literature, and similar to the phoenix bird and "si morgh" meaning "thirty birds" in Persian.
The story recounts the longing of a group of birds who desire to know the great Simorgh, and who, under the guidance of a leader bird, start their journey toward the land of Simorgh. One by one, they drop out of the journey, each offering an excuse and unable to endure the journey. Each bird has a special significance, and a corresponding didactic fault. The guiding bird is the hoopoe, while the nightingale symbolizes the lover. The parrot is seeking the fountain of immortality, not God, and the peacock symbolizes the "fallen soul" who is in alliance with Satan.

The birds must cross seven valleys in order to find the Simorgh: Talab (Yearning), Ishq (Love), Ma'rifat (Gnosis), Istighnah (Detachment), Tawheed (Unity of God), Hayrat (Bewilderment) and, finally, Fuqur and Fana (Selflessness and Oblivion in God). These represent the stations that a Sufi or any individual must pass through to realize the true nature of God.

I hope Shahnaz its a good read for You.You can read it here :

Anonymous said...

The closer I get, the more I see how far I am.


Banda e Yaar said...

Na karo juda khaudara mujhe apne Aasta'n se
Nahi phir koi thikana jo utha diya yahan se

Mujhe khaak mein mila kar meri khaak bhi uraa de
Tere naam par mita hoon mujhe kya gharaz nishan se

Anonymous said...


The liking I developed for you during ABC days is something even you cannot take away from me. I simply want my idol to look strong and brave as you were in ABC. Never look back and regret. Don't forget that people of Pakistan adore you and there are many who pray for your success here and hereafter. May Allah guide us all and give us peace of heart and soul!

Fe Aman Allah!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shahnaz Happy birthday to you and many many happy returns of the day.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Shahnaz..thanks God for my brilliant memory .God bless you,live good,live happy.

Anonymous said...

"The heart is a 'Thousand-stringed instrument' that can only be tuned with love.
(Hafiz Shirazi)

Ghulam Meher Ali said...

Baba Bulley Shah jab pehli dafa apne Murshid Hazrat Inayat Shah ke paas gaye to bahar khirki se hi jhankne lage to andar se awaz ayi ke kon ho,is par Baba Bulley Shah ne kaha ke sarkar yehi to pata karne keliye hazir hua hoon.
Andar se jawab mila ke a jao hame ma'loom hai.

Anonymous said...

Hi,how are you, is everything ok Shahnaz! No post since month and a half now.Hope you are fine and just fine..haa'n
Please post something

Anonymous said...

Rukh se naqaab uthaiye ke bari der ho gayi
Maahol ko talawat e Quran kiye huye

Haq Bahu said...

''Az dil beru'n bakash gham e dunya o akhrat
Ya khana e ja e rakht bood ya khayal e dost

Ae Talib e Haq! Apne dil se dunya o akhrat ka gham nikal de,ke dil to aik ghar hai jis mein sbab e dunya ki gunjaish hai ya phir khyal e YAAR ki.''

Sultan Bahu.

Jo shakhs Allah ki talab aur Muhabbat mein gharq ho jaye to dunya o ahl e dunya us ki talab aur muhabbat mein giaftar ho kar us ki ataat o ghulami ikhtiyar kr lete hain.

Sultan Bahu.

Anonymous said...

Even if you feel torn to pieces
Sew yourself new clothes


Anonymous said...

Aeh tan Rab sachey daa hujra
wich paa faqeera jhati Hoo

(tan =body, hujra=ghar,jhati=dekhna\glance)

[The body of yours is the dwelling of true Sustainer
O mystic glance in your inner self Hoo].

Anonymous said...

Last night
I lost my grip on reality
and welcomed insanity.
saw me and said,
I showed up.
Wipe you tears
and be silent.

I said, O Love
I am frightened,
but it's not you.
Love said to me,
there is nothing that is not me.
be silent.

I will whisper secrets in your ear
just nod yes
and be silent.


Anonymous said...

14 & 22 Feb

Anonymous said...

Kidher ghaib hain ap g ,no post in about two months now.Allah khair kare sab kheriat to hai na.btw waiting for the next post.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot :) :) .

Anonymous said...

''Love is a disease no one wants to get rid of .those who catch it never tries to get better,and those who suffer do not wish to be cured.''

Paulo Coelho

Muhammad Amin said...

Amin here. Thanks for posting with translation. I heard this in Fareeha pervaiz voice.