Saturday, April 29, 2017

Seven and Three at WPC

Every now and then
I meet a soul 
Whose music enthralls my world 
In this vast
We share some space
Exchange a word
A connection made

In a life full of minutes
Momentous moments 
Such as this
My landscape make



Anonymous said...

Hmm. Good :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful soul Shahnaz , <3

Banda e Yaar said...

Aey Dil ek doonga samandar

Kadi Daara , kadi Sikandar

Jehra Is dil vich dub jawe

Oasey da naam Qalandar

Dama dam mast Qalandar

Ali dam dam de andar

Ali da pehla number




Ali said...

"Seven and Three at WPC".i thought of it pwc

Sultan Ali said...


Anonymous said...

I am sorry if I wrote things that offended you. Everyone needs to retain their own pride and not have someone constantly lecturing or trying to rescue when it is you that keeps you going.