Monday, May 22, 2017

Wisdom of the falling leaves

Shedding leaves
One by one
Held on
For so long
Each a story
All its own
With each falling
Come tears of blood
With the tears
Acceptance comes
It comes but at a 
Handsome cost
You must feel
To let go
You feel
You falter
Let go and
And with each falling
You are caught
Float softly down
In the arms of grace 

Shedding leaves
One by one
Held on for so long
Hurts and loves
With each falling
A fear of loss
And with each loss
Something's gained

Shedding tears now
So many come
Like leaves falling
In the fall
So many memories
To let go
Like a monsoon
Floods the plain

Shedding stories
Shedding lives
Shedding sorrows
Shedding skins

Raw and weeping
Gnarly plain
Stands the tree now
Stripped and bare

Standing still
Cold yet lovely
Winter comes
The tree stands despite
The seasons' toll
Hope of spring time
In the air
It waits 
For times to change

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