Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Haq sayaan...

Parh Parh Alam Fazal Hoya 
Kalam Baba Bulleh Shah

Parh parh Alam te faazil hoya
Te kaday apnay aap nu parhya ee na

(You read to become
all knowledgeable
But you never read yourself)

You read so many books
to know it all,
yet fail to ever read your
heart at all.

Bhaj bhaj warna ay mandir maseeti
Te kaday mann apnay wich warya ee na

(You run to enter temples and mosques
But you never entered your own heart)

You rush to holy shrines to play a part,
Would you dare enter the shrine of your heart

Larna ay roz shaitaan de naal
Te kadi nafs apnay naal larya ee na

(Everyday you fight Satan
But you never fight your own Ego)

You are quick to attack the evil one,
yet pride is a battle you have not won.

Bulleh Shah asmaani ud-deya pharonda ay
Te jera ghar betha unoon pharya ee na

(Bulleh Shah you try grabbing that which is in the sky
But you never get hold of What sits inside you)

You grab for a star you can control,
yet fail to grasp the light in your soul.

Bas kareen o yaar
(Stop it all my friend)

Let the race end, my friend

Ilm-oun bas kareen o yaar
Ik Alif teray darkaar

(Stop seeking all this knowledge my friend
Only an Alif is what you need)

Stop trying to be the one who knows,
for 'God is One' you need to know.

Bas kareen o yaar
(Stop it all my friend)

End the race, my friend

Allah Sayyaan Allah Sayyaan
(God is the Master, God is All)

God is All we need! God is All!

Nee main jaanaa Jogi de naal

(I shall follow the Yogi {ascetic/sufi})

Follow the wandering dervish!

Jo naa jaane, Haqq ki taaqat
Rabb naa devey us ko Himmat

(Those who deny the Strength of Truth
Lord does not give them courage)

If you deny the power of all that's true,
God will not grant strength to you.

Hum Mann ke darya mein doobey
Kaisi nayya? Kya manjhdhaar?

(We have drowned in the river of Self
the boat and the flowing waters do not matter)

We are lost in this river of self,
no boat or streams are of any help.

Bas kareen o yaar
(Stop it all my friend)

End the race, my friend

Ilm-oun bas kareen o yaar
(Stop seeking all this knowledge my friend)

Stop trying to know it all, my friend.

Allah Sayyaan Allah Sayyaan
(God is the Master, God is All)

God is All we need! God is All!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Curtain fall

After all was said and done
The charade played out
The false pleasantries dispensed with
And the act seen through 'till curtain fall
Time slows down 
And I am content 
To just sit 
And be
Surrounded in warmth 
And genuine love

Monday, December 5, 2016

My mama bear

"I wish nani was here tonight, putting on her rollers and her Ponds creme smelling like her nani smell...she smells sooooo good! And I could just snuggle into her. I miss her!"

And of late I miss her all the time too! I've spent more than half my life living away from her and I've not even hit forty yet! 

I finally begin to know and understand her, as I walk the life states she walked before me. I miss you mama duck!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Never gonna break

Momentous moments that are unexpectedly accompanied by their own soundtrack in my life..,

Today was bittersweet, poignant and reflective of the grace that surrounds me and carries me on gentle wings.

Never gonna break
Never gonna break
Never gonna break
~Bon Iver

Friday, November 18, 2016

Walking on coals

If it looks like I'm not affected
That is my strength not my indifference
If your cruelties meet with my understanding 
That is my compassion not my stupidity
If your selfishness meets my generosity
That is my grace not your victory

You are a fool to think
The things you do
I have walked barefoot 
On flaming coals
My spirit in unbroken
Unbreakable still

You shadow box with your own demons
I made love with mine

Thursday, November 3, 2016


In the universe are signs
Seek and you shall find them

I have always been intuitive to the whisperings of my soul
If I focus enough and meditate on it
I find so much information, it is at times eerie.

Prayerful harmony
Blissful joy!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


The darkness is not a place you were put to be forgotten
The darkness is there to show you your inner light

In the darkest of places you will find HIM