Tuesday, May 5, 2015


From the confines of "me"
I am set free...
And now I seek 

Monday, April 27, 2015

The life I want

Me- I am in existential pain at the awareness of a deep loneliness

Bug- but isn't everybody? You should figure out a way to accept that

Me- I'm working on it...

(A curious thought experiment. . . Nietzsche's message to us was to live life in such a way that we would be willing to repeat the same life eternally

~Irvin D. Yalom)


In order to do so I must give up all that society has determined as "success"...

Building up courage to let it all go. To live the life I truly want is a scary thought!


There is an ache
An existential craving 
The seeks to connect
To touch,
On a human level
A simple human touch

Monday, April 20, 2015


Back to basics
Back to black
Back to dark
Seeking light
In the depths
Of change
And confusion
Shall emerge
A new life

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Reluctant Intimacy...

“Soon we will be strangers. No, we can never be that. Hurting someone is an act of reluctant intimacy. We will be dangerous 
acquaintances with a history.” 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Morning serenade

As I lay in bed this morning
Listening to my serenades
I tuned in to my heart
And smiled 
At the whisperings
It spoke to me
Like a warm glow 
Running through my being
I could taste 
The sweetness of
These feelings in my mouth
Nothing tethered
Just footloose
Delicate tendrils
Humming through my soul
My mind aware
Body relaxed
And my heart just resonates 
With the thrum
Of the string quartet
Playing it's delicate refrain
An exquisite moment
Of bliss 
So fragile 
In an otherwise insane world
My lovely morning serenade

"Tell you one thing that ain't gonna change love- sun still rises even with the rain"
~Another Story
The Head and The Heart

This heart

This heart of mine...
It's not a half way heart
Like intoxicating wine
It seeks to consume 
Or be consumed
Not just a sip
It seeks to drown
It rushes
It rages
Like waves crashing down
In a stormy ocean
This heart of mine...
It's not a timid heart
Like a sledgehammer 
It pounds 
Deep and strong 
Inside my chest
Heating the blood
That runs in my veins
This heart of mine...
It's not a stoic heart
It explodes 
And breaks
Pulsates with unchecked passion
This heart of mine...
Is a wandering heart
Always a traveler
Nomad in the wilderness
An explorer
But never a resident
It's not a fickle heart...
This heart of mine
But it is a wanderer
This heart 
A forever wanderer