Sunday, September 21, 2014

Haq and Hu

Haq- Truth
Hu- is

Reality is multi-layered and varies from person to person subjectively 

Truth is a constant

Happiness and sadness, both are fleeting and momentary. 

Anchor your life to either happiness or sadness and you expose yourself to the whims of externals.

Try to seek reality and you will always come up against the  subjective differences through with perception alters each individual's reality.

Truth however "is".
Truth is a constant.
"Is" is a constant. Momentary but nonetheless a constant. There are an infinite number of "is's" even in a moment. An "is" can stretch for an eternity.

A constant 

In these moments of "is" if you are present and have clarity in your heart and soul and are free from the deceptive workings of  personality and perceptions you will encounter "truth"... Irrefutable TRUTH! Unaltered and untrained by fear, doubt, confusion and experience.

Truth simply is...

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Clean slate

Sometimes the world goes mad  
And war and death are everywhere
Sometimes those with heart
Get their hearts broken
And the pieces scatter here and there

In the carnage and devastation
They look around
Searching for all the remnants 
Of life, of love, of happiness
And they start to gather them up

Those with faith and hope will scavenge
Every last piece from the wreckage
In the aftermath they will sit
With patience and courage
And turn their insides to gold

Like the ore facing the furnace
They will burn for many moons
Suffering the transformation
Enduring the pain
Until it is time to rebirth

Like a Phoenix they will rise again
To another heaven
To a new day
To a new way
To a new hope
To a new love

They will find all that was lost
And it will be even better
Stronger and more refined 
Than what was before
And just like that 
The slate will be wiped clean again 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The path and the destination

I wondered
Are you the path 
Or my destination...?

What do you mean?

Well, sometimes 
Some people come along to help us resolve... They are like the path 
And then there is the destination.
Are you my path or my destination?
I don't know what I am for you
I just wondered if you are my path
Or my destination.

Can't the path lead to the destination?

Hmmm I hadn't thought about that-

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Love without ownership

It's a beautiful thing
To love
And not seek to own
It is so human
To want to own
So trivial
Almost naive
To seek permanence
Life is impermanence 
It is so human to forget
This impermanence 
To seek to sooth 
The void 
The end
With the illusion
Of solid permanence
It is so strong
This thing called love
It can break down 
All walls
And permanence seeks
To build 
And contain
What has been found
It is boundless
This thing called love
It cannot be contained
In a vessel
Within a wall
It's love
It is a force 
That fights 
To be free
You cannot win 
You must surrender 
To love
It is a beautiful thing 
To surrender 
To love
To embrace 
The helplessness
Of love
To let go
The ego
And ownership 
And walls
Simply let love
And love
And not seek 
To own
Or save 
A little for later
Like manna 
From heaven
Simply know 
It's love
And it will come 
And again 
One must simply 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Tonite out of slumber 
I heard him call 
My soul replied
In this world of vampires
And drones
I wept
In what is a dwelling
On my pallet I lay
On hard floor
It means naught
Silver and gold
Jewels they hoard
I seek my lord
And his will
And his work
In the still of the night
He stirs my soul 
My lord

Monday, September 15, 2014

Ordinary Human

"Emotions are something deeper... More primal than feelings..."

Ordinary humans are capable of "extraordinary" when those emotions are stirred.

If you find someone who can stir up something beautiful in you, take you to heaven and back with a look or a kiss, whose smell lingers and whose thoughts invade every corner of your mind, hold on to them. These people hold the keys to your particular heaven :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The warrior

His face is stoic
His body rigid
In his icy demeanor
I can see him still
He calls me goddess
In his gentle eyes 
I see the softness 
He hides inside
On his lonely hilltop
He stands alone
His duty comes first
He cannot forego
Honor his motto
Steady his hand
But I see his heart crack 
A little inside
Yearning for warmth again
Once more to feel