Thursday, August 21, 2014

For Bug- with love...

You'll be okay
My little bug
You're all bewildered
And confused
And this big world 
Before you looms...
But I know this
You'll be just fine-

You may struggle
And even fall
Win a thing or two
And sometimes lose
Get things right
And make some mistakes
Lose your way
And find it back
Get derailed
And crawl back on
But in the end
You will see
You will triumph
And be who you were 
Always meant to be
This I see
Because in you
I see courage
I see strength
I see talent
And wisdom...
All heaven sent

I see joy
And a heart so sweet
I see mischief
And playful tricks 
I see passion
And headstrong willfulness
I see defiance
And stubborn spirit
I see love
And vulnerability
I see anger
And forgiveness 
I see a maiden
Ready to blossom
I see her flexing her wings for flight-
And yet,
I see you hesitate 
Looking back my way
Somewhat fearful
Of what lies ahead

I see curiosity
And willingness to risk
To take that chance
Come what may
I see balance
And most of all-

I see you just need
To trust YOURSELF!

You will always have my love
You will NEVER be alone
When there is no one
You will still have YOU
And the big guy in the sky...
And so I know 
You'll be okay


Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Tell me how...

To go about my day
To look the other way
To forget
The deaths 
The hunger
The pain

Show me how...

To silence the screams
In my head
The broken 
The dying
Keening and crying

Teach me how...

To turn this heart to stone
Not to worry
Or to mourn
The loss of life


It dies
My soul...
I do
Please explain
You live
With this
And look
Live on


They who die

Thursday, August 14, 2014

SouthWest & NorthEast

"SouthWest actually means something...what does NorthEast mean?" He asked

-it's a storm- I thought to myself
-a powerful wind, with a storm in tow
-it rages- I thought to myself
-a tempest, ready to blow-

In a world gone mad we crave love
The desire to live and taste life
Undiluted life

When blood flows freely and the wolves tear at flesh
The lovers want to fall 
Before they perish
To taste a kiss
To make love
To scream in ecstasy 
Before he comes
The grim reaper
At our doorstep
Rap rap rapping
Saying it's time to go

When terror prevails and justice is blind
When the criminal is king
And the innocent lie dead

The lovers want a taste of life
Before it's gone
And it is too late

A house will be rubble
Money lost in the wind
Things that we hoard
Naught will remain

When water is scarce
For what will you thirst?
When you toil at your desk
What have you really earned?

The lovers just want a place
A look
A touch
A kiss
A taste
Of life!
Before it's too late

South west means a lot, I know...
A Nor'easter is a storm
Raw passion you know...
Unleash it 
Feel it
Let it run amuck
Fall into it
Let it break you
Accept it 
Let go

"The wound is where the light enters"
Said Rumi, you know...

In a world gone mad
The lovers are sane
In a world at war 
Make love, not hate

SouthWest is a dream
A desire
A need
NorthEast is the passion
That will get you there-

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Surreal world

It feels surreal some days
The madness all around
Death all around
And yet it is life as usual
I awake
I work
I sleep
It feels surreal that I have water
And some don't
I turn off the tap and think a while
It feels surreal
This life I have 
I feel it as if for the first time
The air as I breath it in
Through my nose
The feel of fabric on my skin
And then it comes
This overwhelming rush of love
For life
For everyone and everything
And then after any rush comes the crash
I face my loneliness
It sure would be nice to have someone
But not just anyone
Someone who knows and understands
And life
Someone true
Someone more than just someone
The one
On that note I stop
There is someone I seek
And I shall find
And when I do
I will know
Until then
There's love 
And life
And a world
So surreal

These songs of Freedom...

The saddest moment of my day happened at the end of today-

At the gym as I'm working out, (the gym.... The only place that keeps me sane these days), I got to talking with G, a  man who also works out there. 
He's a big guy, well built and towers over me. He talks to me with the utmost respect, does not hit on me and actually sees me as another human being and not a piece of meat.
Inside his chest beats a sweet and compassionate heart. He has the gentlest eyes and is very soft spoken. I  like G. I respect G. 

He sees me beasting it out and throwing weights around and he asks 
"why are you training so hard?"
I tell him I'm not training. I'm angering today, because of all the many things that are unjust. We get to the topic of #Ferguson and his brow furrows. 

"You know," he confides after he heard me rant for a bit,
 "I'm scared. Sometimes I see a cop on the road next to me and I'm scared and I think- oh shit, I hope he don't pull me over. I hope he don't think I'm bad and shoot at me if he pull me over."

I felt my eyes well up with tears.

You see, G is a black man...

"It's not right G." I tell him. "It's fucked up! You should not have to be scared" 

This beautiful, peaceful, sweet soul should NOT have to be scared. But he is-

Because we live in an age where despite all the progress we have made the insidious vibes of hatred and racism run deep. Where the concept of supremacy is based on the color of your skin.

"I'm so sorry," I say- "it's fucked up!"

"Don't be sad, I didn't mean to make you sad" he comforts me.

"I am sad, not because of you but because it's fucked up" I sniffle.

"You know you the only white person that asked me about it." He says after a while

"I'm not white G. I was born in Uganda. In Africa."

"For real?!" And he breaks into a smile...

"Yup yup" I smile back.

"You know what?" I say,
"It's red..."

He looks at me for a bit and then smiles. He gets it. 

"Yes it is. It is for sure!"

We say goodbye. 

It's red-
It's red...

No one's any better or superior-
But race is about divisions
Because divisions empower profiteers

Hatred is taught 
And learned 

I wonder why so many are SHEEPLE 
And don't get it?

How long will they kill our prophets
While we stand aside and look...?
Won't you help to sing
These songs of freedom...
They're all I ever had-
Redemption songs-
These songs of freedom 

No one is ever FREE until ALL of us are free.
Enough is enough. 

We have to stand up for freedom
For all
JUSTICE for all

So that a SHAIMA won't die in Gaza because she was born on the wrong side of town...
Nor a Mike Brown in Missouri

And a gentle, sweet man won't have to worry that he might be mistreated because his skin is darker than mine...

Won't you help to sing...
These songs of FREEDOM!

Monday, August 11, 2014

For Gaza- For freedom!

I believe in what my heart feels and my soul speaks more than I believe in the words of con men-  
And my heart feels for Gaza and my soul screams for their Freedom!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

"We teach life..." (Gaza)


It has been a very difficult month. My heart has been bleeding since Gaza started bleeding. In one of my darkest moments of despair I write to Hanya-
"I am broken..."
She wrote back-
"You love them... They will feel your love..."
They have taught me how to live!

I want you to know
You do teach life!
You have taught me how to live...

Out of the implements of destruction you create art.
In the rubble you find treasures.
In darkness you brought light
Where there was only black and white and dust, you brought flowers.
When there was no chalk you wrote with your tears.
In the ruins of your home, you made another home...
You are the people of legends
You are the Phoenix rising from the ashes
You teach LIFE!