Tuesday, July 16, 2019


Khamoshi may
Daastak Si hai
Sajday may
Ansoo  bahay
Bandi teri
Hazir hay
Rooh qurban
Shan sirf
TERI hai

Khak aur ishq

Him: Mujhay tum say muhabbat hai...
Me: Mujhay tum say muhabbat nahi, mujhay tum say ishq hai!

Kuch alfaz hain
Kuch ehsas hain
Thoray say ansoon hai
Aur barsaat hai
Aur phir akhir
Sirf Khak hay

Haq teray agay
Sab Khak hai

“Gar ishq
ISHQ hota
Na Tu hota
Na mai hoti
Sirf ISHQ hota!



“Shatter my ego always...”, he says to me.
Aur yay char alfaz keh kar us nay khazana e kainat meray kadmon may rakh dala

Sunday, April 15, 2018

In memorium

The rain falls
Into this quiet night

Somewhere a mother mourns
The loss
Of her child

Here I lie
To my heartbeat

Such a beautiful thing
This life
We live we die

And the rain falls
Through it all
As time passes by

#RIP Griffin Weathers

Thursday, October 19, 2017


The rest is life
We are lonely souls
Flecks of divine energy
Trying to find our way back to the original divinity the ONE
To think we are in control is futile
We merely survive and exercise small choices
In the end
None of it matters
We are flecks of divine
Trying to remember the way back to the ONE

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A daughter, a mother

Happy Birthday ami

Thank you for being the best mother you could have been given your wounds and challenges

Teenagers are difficult to parent and given my wounds and challenges I'm doing the best I can with my kid

Some days you failed
Some days as a mother I fail too

But as a mother I have learned something I could not have learned as a daughter

I love my daughter...
and I'm doing the best I can giving her everything I've got...
and some days it's not enough...
or even what she needs...
and some days I don't know how to give her what she needs!

And yet I know without a doubt I do it all out of love for her 

Because I love her...

As a mother I now know you love your daughter too

As a daughter, to you my mother, know I love you endlessly 

I always have
Even on days I hated you
I hated you because I loved you

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Love me
Know my soul
I yearn for understanding
To be 
Loved for the knowing
Speak my thoughts
Feel my heartbeat 
Taste the salt of my skin
The sweetness of my lips
Listen to my colors
See the sounds of my touch
Forget all you know
Just sense my existence
Vibrate with yours