Thursday, December 31, 2015


Au Revoir...
Another year
There were many smiles
And many tears,
And I conquered 
Many fears
I was broken down 
And I repaired- On my own
The best way
The only way
The true self can be found.

A year of reckoning 
When the strengths
I'd accumulated
Were tested and toned
I let go some friends
Made new foes
In the process
My circle tightened
Now I have
A few
My crew
Well trusted
Well known

This year I stand
With no strings attached
Such exquisite joy
When tonight
The clock strikes
To ring in
A new beginning
There's no longing
No regret 
No ghosts to haunt me
No old loves I yearn for
Nothing at all
Holds me back anymore
It will be
A brand new day
In every sense
And every way
And a refreshed
To greet
A new year 
A new day
And many new ways

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Night wraith

Tossed away all my diamonds and gold
But a house of trust I built
And I plastered it with love
Planted hope for a garden 
And watered it with my dreams 
Deep within fires of passion smolder
And underneath the stars
I threw care to the wind 
And danced in the silent depth of the dark night...
To the music in my heart