Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Sitting in the silence
Listening for my lord to speak
I feel him in my soul
My heart weeps
Achy and yearning
I hear a message
But meaning evades
And I must meditate 
There is a purpose
A reason for this
If I ponder
I will find
I must go
Only so
Can I arrive...
What is mine
Comes my way
What isn't
I must leave behind 
If I stand
I have courage
There is a road
And the path that's mine
Starts to form
With each step I take
So I listen
In the silence
Listening for my lord to speak
So I can find what is rightfully mine

Saturday, June 14, 2014

A bug is a beautiful thing to love

A "Bug" is a beautiful thing to love

Her smile,
Her eyes,
Her laughter-
Fill my soul with joy

She's like the sun
She warms my heart
Lights up my life 
And fills my world with love

Like a summer wind
Her gentle voice lingers
Like a memory 
Echoes in my mind

I am blessed to have
My little bug home again

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


When you become unafraid of your heart breaking
When you take risk after risk in pursuit of your dreams
When you know in your soul
Even when there is no logical evidence to back it up
When you can appreciate both the pain and joy in existence and not be overly swayed by either
When you finally understand what is meaningful to YOU
When you can sit in respectful silence with your thoughts and truly listen without judging or condemning yourself or others but simply understand...
When you no longer feel the need to be better than another and simply desire to be genuinely authentic
When alone does not mean lonely 
When you can stand up straight and carry your own weight
When you know the glorious humility of asking for help
When your exterior is weathered but an inner glow shines through
When you can win it all or lose it all
And not blink twice
Because both are okay by you
When you can experience an eternity in one single moment of presence 
And find peace in it
When all you see has exquisite beauty
And the beauty of the outside is a mere reflection of the beauty on the inside....

-Such is the art of "living"...

Sunday, June 8, 2014


I sat by Sophie today
My fountain of wisdom

Little kids came by
With big people who've forgotten to live

I sat as always
Up close with my feet up

I remembered a man's words
"Why do we have to sit right on top of it?"

Because that's how it should be...
I had thought, because it's fun!

I remembered another man I once loved
A man who lied
A man who broke my heart 
Again and again
And I smiled
He had sat with me here
And I tried to hold his hand for a photograph
But he pulled away
That's when I knew it...
I was not loved back

When you love you are open
When you love you want closeness
When you are brave you are open
When you have courage you speak your truth
In lies there is no love
Only the true have courage to love
The rest just want
To feel good

Love is so much more
Than just feeling good
Love will open you up
If you will let it
It will tear you up
And break you down
Because only then
Can you truly live!

I smiled and watched the kids
Who seemed to gravitate to me

I guess it was because while their grown ups sat a safe distance apart
I sat up close with my feet up

Kids know love
Kids know life
And then we raise them
And thus we ruin them...

I looked at the kids
And they played with me
I fished coins out for them
On my knees elbow deep in my fountain 
It was glorious fun
While the kids played with me
Their grown ups sat, relieved...
Far away
Their faces buried in their phones
Relieved to get away 

They missed seeing it all
Too busy to love
Too busy to live

They missed the flower 
The little boy gave me
They missed his face light up as I stuck it in my hair...

They missed the little girl ask if she should collect the money or throw it back in?
I asked what would make her happy?
They missed hearing what makes her happy...
They missed it all

When I got up to go
They grabbed my hands 
And had a fuss 
I fished my last coins for them

I'm too old to do that 
A dad replied
When the little girl asked him to reach a coin

Yes I thought
We ruin them
We raise them to be old
And we ruin these beautiful free creatures
We make them old
And then they no longer play 
In water fountains anymore

I wish more grown ups 
Were kids some days...

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Exquisite moments

There are those moments in life-
Soft and delicate and full of understanding. 
Moments when your life changes.
Deep truths are revealed and you come to see the real you. 
Those are the most exquisite moments of all.
In those moments you can just be-

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dead Society

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

Edmund Burke-


It's an everyday thing for me... It has been for the past 20 years. Some over zealous, obnoxious human who watched me on television will think it his God given right to demand my attention. When I politely ignore that invasion, the attack only gets worse.

And it's not just the rabid fans, it's men at the gym, on the street, in the store- fragile shallow ego maniacs with the emotional intelligence of a brick who demand attention and when you politely forego their advances, they get hostile, aggressive and obnoxious.

Today I had an epiphany.

After one such episode, which two of my native countrymen witnessed and minimized and brushed aside, and one dear friend did NOT minimize, it hit me.

My whole life this behavior has been minimized. "I" have always asserted myself and set my boundaries but no one has EVER backed me up. Everyone has always brushed it aside, or worse yet, blamed me for it and caused me to feel SHAME. Simply for being, to feel shame. While the perpetrators are buoyed. I have had hissing fits of rage, all silent, all internal, at the injustice, until today. Today the nobility of one man- who stated it like it is, changed everything! One man- Greg Frazier!

He spoke up in defense of women. And I realized how many times women have gone defenseless.  Too many chattering voices to minimize and justify and make light of a blatant aggression.

And then we wonder why abuse is so common. And why battered women stay. And why do girls always go for the bad boy. It's because we live in a sick society that minimizes aggression against women. Because there just aren't enough Greg Frazier's in the world. Because both men and women perpetuate the evil by doing NOTHING!

I wish every girl had a Greg Frazier for a dad so women would understand what a "man" is, and stop chasing after sociopathic, ego maniacs and narcissists.

I wish every boy had a Greg Frazier for a dad so they would learn what being a "man" is all about.

When did a society become so complacent? Where did all the Greg Frazier's go?