Sunday, December 21, 2014

The path

I wept last night
I was in pain...
Face down 
I prayed 
To Him
Just tell me 
What to do-
Though I was scared
I had faith
He's got my back
I thought and then
I took my first step
And just like that 
My path appeared 
Such are His ways...

Saturday, December 20, 2014

War Machine

In a time of deep sorrow and loss
In a world gone mad
From a place of rage
Avenging heralds land
And lay to waste 
Several sons of man

I read
I see 
I watch
And silently behold
The carnage
The blood
And gore 

Not much difference do I see now
In what I once called 
Friend and foe
Each blind in the face of righteous might
Calls the other dog and snake and filth
And screams for blood and death

My heart is heavy
As I note
They act and talk and look the same
Dehumanize the other

My heart is heavy
My soul weary
And yet I can't be silent
And so I'll scream it with every last breath

Yes the victim was a human
And the killer human too!
Yes the victim had a mother
And the murderer too...

There always is a ripple effect 
For both victim 
And perpetrator
Kill one
And humanity dies
Kill yet another and humanity dies
Killing can't bring them back!

Killing leads to only more killing
WHERE is the sense in that?

I was already grieving 
When the children died
And I'm sorry to offend 
But I really can not celebrate 
When their killer is dead
I see no celebration 
In ANY kind of life unnaturally taken

Since I cannot dole out life
I dare not dole out death!

Some jobs are mine 
On this earth
But life and death...
I cannot pretend to interpret 
Were mine to give and take

I am not
And never will be
A part of this war machine

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The last lullaby

In the darkest of hours

While mothers wept 

And mourned 

In a world 

Where they buried their babes

That fateful day-

Who shall speak?

And break the silence...

I heard the clamor 

In the town square

As they screamed for more death

To avenge those

Already dead...

And I wonder

How much blood to quench the thirst?

How much hate?

And how much more?

I lost count

Can't even keep score

You kill mine

I kill yours

Who then shall remain

To sing the lullaby

Who then shall remain

To hear the refrain

When all are quenched 

None remain


'Tis the last...

The last lullaby


All my beautiful children...

They brushed their teeth and got dressed
Bags packed and homework done
Bright eyes
And glorious smiles 
With feet that smelled like angels 
All my beautiful children...

Dreaming of great things to learn
Wishing upon a star
Sweet hearts
And soft hands
With voices like the sound of God's grace
All my beautiful children...

Swift the darkness did descend
Rattle of gunfire, smell of blood and then
And disarray
Like shattered pearls they lay
All my beautiful children...

December 16, 2014

(The black shoe is Bug's, when she was one.) (The bloody shoe belonged to another little bug and she could have been mine too.)

My heart is broken-

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Three drinks...

Over the first drink I shared
No holds barred
The words spilled out
And I felt 
As did he

Over the second drink
In the mellow candlelight
We laughed
As the warm glow of the fire
Behind us sparked
Like the attraction
Between us
He bared his soul
And felt his burden

Over the third drink
The tension built
And screamed for release 

On the way home
I stole a kiss
And another

And so we parted
And yet fulfilled
With a lingering promise
In the air

Saturday, December 6, 2014


I call him
The Big Guy in the sky
And he is good to me
So VERY good to me
When I realize
How gently 
He carries me through the storms 
Tears stream down my face
For everything in life
There is a time
And a place
And so He holds me close
He is-
He is my God
And I have no words
Just tears and gratitude
For He is good
So VERY good to me
And I am blessed
Beyond belief