Monday, December 5, 2011

Treading gently

treading gently
these roads i travel
softly weeping when the tears do come
smiling, laughing when sunshine kisses
learning, growing healing
every day
and each new breath is a blessing
burdened though the soul maybe
it grows anew and hopes and prays
and tough as the future looms
there is courage yet in my heart still
i see the sunrise pink and rosy
i see the sunset firey flames
and as i tread on gently down the way
i sing and hum my melody
acceptance slowly turns the tide
and loneliness is solitude
more and more each day
i cradle in my hands with care
each moment passing
lest despar
should ever shadow my will again
never, ever is my prayer
and so i tread on gently by
the morning star
and starry night
and it won't be long before one day
i'll turn a corner and exclaim
i am arrived
i have achieved
my destination is complete
i have found
meaning and the me in it
it is not long
i can smell it in the air
it is not far
i feel it in my bones
i am blessed
i am peace
i am love
my universe is complete
amen dear lord
for one more time
in your grace divine
i have flowered
i have gained
i have learned
to live my life
treading gently
my beautiful life-