Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Four letter word

Amid the noise and sirens
The freezing cold air
I sat
Encased in the warmth 
Of a smile
Like the glow of firelight
It smolders
At a steady pace
Reaching the coldest parts 
Of my heart and soul 
Eternal fire
Internal fire
With a vision of
Is a four letter word
And the world spins
On hope

Monday, January 20, 2014


When you stop questioning the presence of GOD and start questioning religion, you are on the brink of deep truth and understanding-

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The fool...

I am a fool
A fool at love
I have no economy in love
I am not an accountant
I cannot budget
I am afraid I do not know
How to ration love 
To give in increments 
Just a bit per day
I want to love all of you
With all of me
Every breath I take
A day is so long 
And so far
Here take this breath
And this one
And the next 
Here take it all 
You need never ask
It is given 
All of it
Before the request could ever reach your lips
They laughed at me
In the city square today
They called me dull
And daft
And mad
[Why?] You ask
I sold my house you see
[Why?] You ask
Well it was to buy a gift...
I awoke this morn
Filled to the brim
As I lay in the soft embrace
Of my beloved
I was overcome
And my heart felt as though it might break
And then
My beloved opened his eyes
Oh what a sight
To gaze into that endless ocean of beauty
Magnificence defined
And then he gave me a gift
One he gives me every morning
He pulled me close 
And kissed my lips
Without fail
Every sunrise he gives me a gift
I felt I might explode
I had nothing to give so I,
I sold my house to buy him one!
[What did I buy him?] You ask
I wanted to give him my heart
So I went to the surgeon to see if he could get it out of its bony cage
But alas
He refused, he already has a house and has no need for mine so he would not buy my house.
He sent me on to the ocean instead
The mighty ocean made me blush with his flirtations
As he touched my bare feet with his salty hands
But he too would not buy my house
He sent me to the wind
The wind murmured
I could not make out
The muffled words as he spun through my hair
Off he went
As I sat down
Weary now 
Upon a rock
And shed a tear...
The rock awoke and grumpily asked
[Why do you break my slumber with wet tears?
Have you no shame?]
I am ashamed, I replied
I weep for shame
I have not a gift 
To give my love
He gifts me with kisses
At every dawn
I want to give him a gift
I have my house I'm trying to sell
So I can get my love a gift
But the surgeon
The ocean
And even the wind
Have no use for my house
And I no gift for my love 
And so I weep...
Forgive me rock
I meant no disrespect
Per chance 
Do you have need for a house? I said 
He must have really wanted to sleep
Because that rock
He bought my house!
And gave me a lock of his hair
To give as a gift
To my love
I was overjoyed
As I ran back through the alleyways
In the city, 
And across the city square
They all laughed at me-
[There she goes]
[The fool]
They cried,
[She has no economy in love,] they sighed
[She should hire an accountant]
[And budget]
[And learn how to ration]
[Or soon before she knows it
She will run out of love!]
And they shook their heads knowingly.
It was dark 
As I made my way
The jeering crowds having doled out their ration
Of taunts and criticisms for the day
Decided to scatter
Always economical
Maintaining their budgets
Just a jab here
And a comment there
Like tidy accountants
With balanced check books
Never a penny out of place
One by one
They shut their doors
One by one the lights turned off
I walked alone
The quiet streets
The fool...
I made my way to him
He saw me coming from afar
[Gone all day my love?] He asked
[I heard the rumor of your madness from the surgeon,] he continued,
[He stopped by to tell me so himself!
The ocean too
Came a calling
He brought your warmth
That sly Casanova 
He made a pass at you
He boasted, and made you blush...
And then the wind
Mumbled at me
Murmur... Murmer, whisper... Whisper
What he says
I never can tell 
So he left me
The scent of your hair instead]
He gazed at me with his beautiful eyes
This love of mine
And then he said
[Thank you!] 
[For the gifts]
Confused I spoke
But you have not seen it yet
[Seen what?] He asked
The gift I have for you!
I pulled it out 
The lock of hair
From the rock.
It looked just like a pebble now...
I was mortified!
I hung my head
He pulled me in
My love,
And kissed me hard 
Accepted my gift
And held me close
A day is so long 
And a night
I thought
As I melted into his embrace
Here take this breath
And this
And the next
With each I love 
All of you 
With all of me
The wind brought the whispered sounds
Of the city folk saying my name
Quietly of course
And only a few times
Calling me a fool
Just a knowing look in limited company
Just a sly word to the neighbor
Never too much
Just enough
Not like 
The fool at love