Saturday, December 27, 2008

Kooks and coquette!

"I saw Kooks chasing his girlfriend, "Kookette" today!"

Kooks BTW is our homeboy squirrel. He lives in our backyard and has taken a liking to Ambar's outgrown Fisher Price plastic toddler slide. The crazy rodent actually jumps off his tree and slides down the slide over and over and loves it!

The silly thing is quite entertaining, I must admit, but has fluff for brains. (Sort of like a bimbo has fluff for brains. Bimbos can be VERY entertaining until they open their mouths and you realize- sigh.... fluff...all fluff for brains! And they come in both the male and female varieties. Would a male bimbo be called a "Himbo"? hmmmm..... but I digress from Kook's tale).

So Back to Kooks. See we put out food for the wee little critter every now and then. He hops down from his tree, slides and few times, grabs a bite and scampers off. Every now and then I am witness to the perplexing complexities of squirrel life. Kooks is weird to say the least. He is (I kid you not) scared of the birds too. He will be sent off scurrying by a flock of birds who often descend from flight to partake of the buffet spread that is Kooks provisions.

Once I put out a half a bag of Cheetos, and the silly thing actually went and buried them in my yard! Sigh... and then over the next few days proceeded to dig up numerous holes in search of said (and by now dissolved)Cheetos! The animal is an idiot. Yup! Most definitely a himbo. But VERY popular with the women. One coquette Kookette to be exact.

I suppose as long as he keeps his mouth shut he and his lady friend have many a fun frolic ahead of them.

Sigh... bimbos are sooo beautiful. Both varieties. It's a pity they have to speak on occasion. Imagine the bliss if they never let on the fact that they have fluff for brains. Life could be so beautifully enchanting if the beautiful but fluffy never spoke!

Bonsai pipeline! (Will drop pants for food, & It's all about ME!)

The surfing mecca of the '60s and '70s- located in Oahu, Hawaii.

Reading those two words in the most unexpected place had the effect of making me chuckle to myself all day long today. The famous words were inscribed on a pair of men's boxers. Complete with a tiki hut and sharks swimming around and other scribbles (which I cannot remember...) the Bonsai Pipeline stood out!

I love funky clothing. Distressed jeans with detailing- Spitfire makes some really nice sportswear jeans. And snazzy Ts with cool captions.

JB has a pair which says "Will drop pants for food!"
And a girl once approached him and offered him a snickers bar- .......... (yeah... another story entirely!)

I love my T that JB gave me for graduation.
"Recent scientific theories have finally proven that the world does revolve around ME!!" and it accompanies my own personalized mug that very aptly states "It's all about me. Me me ME!!"



Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Of Jack and As(s)! A modern (catty) fable... ;)

Once upon a time there was a man named Jack. He lived a full life, married and well- was otherwise content. The question arose, if life be this good... why would he dwell on the past? His aim was, you see, to make it his bee to buzz into stuff that was just too trifling to bother with, you see. Like phone calls and people and who should and should not(!)be friends, like schedules, vacation days and the "axis of evil"- if you know what I mean...

In situations like this was when this Jack met an As(s). Uh oh!... All the folks they cried. They ran and they shied, but Jack you see was adamant he be, united with this As(s)! That was when Mr. Jack he became a Jackas(s)!

It is situations like this for which statements are made
"don't, dear sir get your:

nickers in a twist
feathers in a bunch

"please, dear sir:

keep your hair on
or even


dude get a life!

Alas, you see... such a pity, a pity! To waste a lifetime fretting and sweating over the minutiae, the insubstantial the ever so SMALL stuff in life!

Jack-Us... er I mean... As(s) man!
Get a life!!

If you read this one you could relate
You have to be familiar with the man... ;)
I just had my own dose a little while ago)

What a bugaboo!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Compartmentalize... and regret...

After the rage
the regret set in
to silence it's face
compartments were made
a grin plastered on
joviality construed
and in the box the moment survived
and guilt free i slept in peace
at least
for a while
but the thing with boxes
it is all
unfinished business
and we return to it
over and over
time after time
it haunts
it clouds
it shadows
and drains
the peace
the joy
the life
of every moment
you sit down
unpack that baggage
sort it through
and leave it behind

Sunday, December 14, 2008



the helplessness
of love
of being
of falling
in love...

the agony
the ecstasy
the joy
the heartache
the utter helplessness


the battle
you wage
to fight that
you resist
you withhold

and yet
it happens


the fall
the drop
the plummet
the rush
the fear

the stillness
the frenzy
your thoughts
held hostage


the achy-ness
the loss
of control
you glance
held captive

by eyes
that mesmerize


of control
of self
of everything

as you
are held


the crack
of heartbreak
the utter
of all

how life
goes on
the sun
and setting


it all
and yet
to fall
to be
in love

the most
of all


Friday, December 12, 2008

JUMP! (for those who e mailed and insisted this be posted here!)


Your face,
Your eyes...
The look in them

Your smile,
Your mouth...
The kiss of it

Your skin,
Your touch...
The warmth of it

Your body,
Your being...
Lying next to me

Your kiss
so soft

Your loving
so gentle

You graze
my neck with
the stubble
on your chin
I melt
I melt
into your touch

"I missed you"
"I've missed YOU"
"Why does one miss another...
YOU feel good.
You make me feel good...
Is that a good answer?"



Friday, December 5, 2008

Bubba Jee!!!

My one true love at first sight!
Here's what she wrote for me yesterday

I Love You

You are
The best
Will mak me
Do better
If you think
I can do
You always
Trust me
You do
Fun stuff
With me
You are
Funny and
Have a very good


(see... isn't she the greatest???)
(my little bubble gum!)

And today in the car when a friend was driving her(bubbs), friend(bubbs' friend) and myself home after an event at her school... We started some grown up chit chat.

I said to my friend, "wait 'till we get home...little pitchers have BIG ears!"

Bubbs says
"hey I heard that!"

Bubb's friend says "we can eaves drop too you know!"

I said
"The thing with eaves dropping is that after you do it and wake up in the morning you discover that you've turned into a bat!"

Bubbs whispers to her friend, "she's joking you know!!!"

I ask
"Bubba Jee... do you mind having a funny mommy? Or does my craziness embarrass you?"

Bubbs to me
"Are you kidding? I LOVE having a funny mom! You are the coolest! All my friends think so! You wouldn't be YOU if you were not crazy funny!!!"

"Love you Bubbs!!"

"Love you mums!!!"

Friend and friend's kid

"I can see where she gets it all from!!"

wink and chuckle... "and thank God for that one right?

Friend and me

Kids upstairs having a ball of a time!
Moms downstairs having a ball!

Life's little joys...

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Thanks for the comments, messages, e mails and phone calls! You guys rock! I love to blog for me BUT I truly LOVE blogging for you guys too!

(still painfully...but getting there...)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


i am too drugged (medicated) and in far too much pain to post new stuff!

miss you peeps. so to those who are in the know...keep those who are in the dark, i had surgery, i do not want to talk about it, i hear from the labs soon so PRAY PRAY PRAY!!

enough said.

you guys make me smile and laugh and i need a ton of that so do write and cheer me up. i need a TON of that especially now.

the TOADS i have accumulated over time have gotten even bigger warts! and while you can get rid of them (toads and warts), they remain in your life regardless... i am enduring the BIGGEST toad in my life currently! and even while gone he can still make my life miserable....

so send good wishes my way.

to those who can
call me.

to those who can't
write me.

need laughs...
lots of them!
and good wishes
also lots of them
and prayer
always need that
and you folks most of all
i blog because of you and you make me happy so do what you do best!

come make me smile...
and make my day

love my peeps!
miss you all
i'll write more when typing does not hurt so much!