Friday, July 6, 2012


through the dregs of fear...
the fear of truths
redemption is gleaned

through the agony of sight
the sight of reality
understanding is found

through the acceptance of...
the acceptance of the unacceptables
peace is restored


the tortures of the soul
the griefs of the heart
the burdens of the body


Cold War Kids - Hang Me Up To Dry

Thursday, July 5, 2012


we wear them all the time
sometimes unaware
emotional buttons
logic buttons
trigger buttons
my favorite one for now
seems to be
the "self destruct" button
i toy with it
play with it
like a time bomb ticking
it will explode one day!
and i with it...

if i am not careful

i WILL self destruct time...


i wonder what that means sometimes

what does it mean to be "careful"
does it mean being aware?
because i am aware...
i just simply do not care
i do not give a fuck
when i self destruct

i know i must change
get a grip
let it go
be present
yada yada yada

i do try
all the while
and for all my trying
some days
it all goes to hell
and then
who gives a fuck?
not i said the dog
not i said the cat
and honey badger certainly don't give a damn...
yes it all goes to hell sometimes
and i with it

i play with it
my "self destruct" button
i am putting it away

i want to care
to give a fuck!
it's ME for pete's sake
not some old lousy schmuck
he should go
FUCK himself!
and i should give a damn
and i am
starting NOW

that self destruct mode can no longer be
a part of my psyche-

fucking buttons!
fucking people!
fucking LIFE!
but it is
so yeah
i'm putting that damn button away