Friday, July 8, 2016

This is my skin- the one I was born in

Today I learned anew about hate
Today I was reminded again that while I try to practice love...
Some only feel hate
Today I saw the insides
Insides of people I call friends 
Today I learned that while I am called friend
My friends cannot love me
Or my color 
Or my skin 
Today I learned that hate is colorblind
But that the colorblind 
Can still see the color 
Today I felt the racial divide
And I was still so surprised
That the blood of colored folk
Is cheap
Today I learned that some
Are blind
They will deny
The truth of their eyes
It is easier 
To dehumanize
And blame 
A victim
For their own execution
Today I heard an argument
That exhausts my soul
Today I was told
Of the difficulty of a cop's job
I was reminded that 
They risk their lives 
And they would not listen 
That it's a fact
I do not deny,
Never have, in fact
A cop is brave
A cop risks all
A cop's life is of value
I honor them
Their life is of value
And so is the life
Of a brother 
Who too was slain,
But yet again
The same refrain
"He should have listened...
Should have done as he was told"
And even as they speak
They do not listen
To the pain
Of my brother 
To my pain
And today I wondered
When it was thrown in my face
"Do you realize how dangerous it is to be a cop?"
And I asked
"Do you realize how dangerous it is to be black, or brown?"
Being a cop is a choice, you see
It is chosen knowing well the risk it entails...
You are trained
You are paid
To be a cop
You choose it and are under oath to serve and protect 
Black and brown as well as white
Do you realize how dangerous it is to be colored?
To be in my skin? 
It is my skin
The one I was born in
And I am enslaved
And hunted and discriminated against
And I'm damned if I don't
And damned if I do
Because of the color of my skin
But they would not hear me...
I wept for my brother and for another human brother- a true cop, a protector 
But they could not even weep for me
Or for my brother 
Only for those
They chose 
And yet
My brother they never chose 

Today I wonder...

How can you call me friend
If you do not see me
And my skin
It is my skin
The one
I was born in
You say you do not see color
The color of skin
Claim that you are colorblind
And yet you see white
And you see blue
Selectively colorblind...
Is what that is

Today I wonder...

How can you call me friend
If you cannot feel my pain
Or my outrage
If I am disenfranchised from my grief
Because you claim
Yours deserves more fame

Today I wonder...

How can you claim
I am as free and equal
When you laugh and blame
When those of color like me are slain
And the only pain you feel is for you
And you challenge
Even my right to mourn
My fallen brother
As well as the cop
Who is fallen
And whom I honor and mourn 
I only question the cop
As is my right to question 
The cop-
Who should always be
Only my brother's defender
And not the one at whose hands 
My brother is slain

Today I wonder

If I can feel for both
And mourn both
Then why is it impossible
For you 
To do the same
Why are you
Unable to mourn
For me
And my color
And my skin 
The one that I was born in

It is the only one I have
It is mine
To live in

And since
My friend
You cannot
See me
Or my color
Or my skin
Today I honor
I honor my
And that of my brother
Today I write for that purpose 
I honor
The truth
That I am not
Today I honor
The truth
That this is my skin
And it may hold no value
For you
But that minor detail 
Can never
My color
My honor
My skin
The one 
I was born in

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Alton Sterling

There are events in life that are physically far removed from you and yet they are so personal that they cause your knees to buckle underneath you, crippling you emotionally, physically and mentally.

Events that leave you debilitated with shock
more anger
rage even
and pain...



Saturday, July 2, 2016

Baby can I hold you tonight

Songs that tug at my heart if I told you the right words at the right time you'd be mine...
Tracy Chapman

I sit with the quiet ache in my heart
A smoldering 
A yearning
A longing

For no one in particular

It is a feeling
That is mine 
Deep within
A passion 
I can ignite anytime I choose

But there is an excitement 
A quickening of the heartbeat
Butterflies wings
Making me want to spin 
And dance

I break into a smile
Filled to the brim 
Joie de Vivre

Songs that tug at my heart
Songs that ignite