Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday morning thoughts...

The world does not like truth speakers-
If we speak the truth and others start to believe it, the whole illusion might fall apart! The world does not like that because then the world might fall apart. The world like the ego is all illusion... And must fall apart, so something better can reveal itself.

We are not separate. That is the big illusion- that we are separate!

We are all connected. If I hurt you, I hurt me too... If I love you, I love me too. If I take the time to know myself, I will come to know and understand you too. If I can grow to love me, I will love you also.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The simple things

It seems to be lost
The flavor of the simple things
I walked into a castle today
And saw the pomp and dusty splendor
Of stale money
It stank
Like moldy paper
Turning old
I looked at the humans around me
Spilling drinks on themselves
In an effort to fit in
I gave a thought
To my reason for being there
And I wondered
What's the point?
What is the bloody point!?
I came home 
And listened to the song
A familiar refrain now
Yes, I thought
What's the point of a castle?
Of pomp and show and splendor
We've lost the fragrance
Of the simple things
The smell of rain
Fresh on the ground
Earthy, musky, warm
The smell of the dewy morning
The ocean salt,
The desert wind...
The fragrance of the simple things
And hugs
And lovemaking
And laughter
Swinging on a summer's eve
Rain on your face
Snuggling with your little ones
And yes your honey too...
I give it up
The rotten money!
Let me have 
The simple things...

Saturday, March 8, 2014


That moment when you realize you are NOT like your offender and yet your offender IS a human worthy of your compassion, and that you could live with your transgressors offense against you... But you could NEVER live with yourself IF you transgressed against another- so you choose to stay true to you and let go...

When fate and karma bring you full circle and you find yourself with the upper hand to retaliate and avenge, and then something holy stirs within your soul and you cannot.... Absolutely CANNOT stoop to the same level and something bigger than you stays your hand and makes you question and rethink your revenge- And you discover love and compassion instead of hatred rule your heart! You lower your weapon and toss it aside and in that moment of divinity you skin can feel the breeze of the heavens and your lungs fill with God's breath and you have not a care in the world and yes- tears happen, for you have been blessed with...

A feeling of boundary less ness... A merging, connecting as though you were one. You don't expect to receive and you are not trying to give. Both happen seamlessly, the giving and receiving, because you are one, or so it seems and there isn't a count or agenda or even any effort because how does one give and receive to and from the self... It is effortless- and make no mistake  love does not cause agony or confusion or pain! Whatever causes that is fear, jealousy, ownership- something other than but definitely NOT...

Monday, March 3, 2014

Last night

If you're holding on too tight
Let go...
If they misunderstand you
Walk away...
If you are labeled such and such
Smile and know your truth...
If they try to tell you who you are
Listen and trust yourself
If you experience anger when they speak
Feel it, your boundaries are being breached...
Say your piece once
The wise will listen and understand
The fools will argue and contradict.
Worry not-
You now can distinguish between the wise and the fools 
Your path beckons
You must carry on

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Good emotional and mental health is an interesting thing...
When you have worked and suffered and battled your internal demons and come out on the other side, intact, aware, awake....
It is surprising how many zombies you encounter out there, in the wastelands.
Asleep, in denial, manipulative, controlling, insecure, threatened, frightened, rabid mortal beings...
Clawing, scavenging at your flesh. Demanding to feed on your energy and sanity.
It attracts them, you see... Your light of composure, your sanity. Your "awake-ness!"
It is like blood to a vampire.
They desire it, crave it, want it, need it.
They are drawn to it.
They come at you in the guise of friendship, love, caring.
And then BOOM!
The attack!
They try to breach your boundaries. They are just being 

Fuck the whatttt!

A boundary breach is a boundary breach!

Did I ASK for the help?
Did I request your opinion?
Do I want your assistance?

I am able.
I aware.
I will ask WHEN I need.
I will give when I WANT.

The rest is all a boundary breach.

I increasing find myself an alien in a dead world. There is a classic form of codependent madness that is pervasive in society today and if you take a stand and deny it. If you refuse to be a part of it... You somehow end up at the brunt of collective rage.

RAGE because you dared to take a stand and refuse to buy into the collective societal codependency!

"But the emperor is NOT wearing any clothes!"

You stay there....

I will be over here 
I actually quite enjoy my sanity