Saturday, November 30, 2013

Love of ages

A scarf that started a war-
A Beatles shirt.
A scent that a man used to mark his territory...
A florist's note that came with a bouquet of flowers a little too late-
And two paper roses, that I had promised to keep forever!
Well forever came today.

Oh how love fades
A love of ages
Not even love
But something else

No regrets 
Not a one!
What a remarkable resilient thing the heart is... 


How often we repeat
How often reenact
The events
Of a broken life
In hopes
Always in hopes
Of resolution
This time...
If we can make it right
All the past 
Will cease to haunt
And we can at last
Get on with life
No such luck
We will hand pick
Our tormentors
To wound us in 
The same old ways
I beg of you
See your true self
Grieve the past
Weep the loss
Bleed the wound
And when infection
Has run dry
Walk on
Walk on by
Cannot happen
If the events keep repeating
Change cannot happen
Unless it comes from you
Walk on 
Walk on by
Is in walking
Walk on
Walk on by

Monday, November 25, 2013

The gifts he gives

I asked for patience 
And he tried me...
I asked for courage
And he challenged me...
I asked for love
And he brought me to my knees!
I fought him
And he broke me-
I ran 
And he overtook me
I wept 
And he was silent
I raged
And he was silent 
I was silent...
And he listened
I surrendered-
And he spoke
So it went
With me and God
And so it goes
With me and God

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Kiss me

Kiss me hard
And kiss me long
Deep into the night
Indigo sky
Cold breeze
Warm your lips on mine
Close your eyes 
And feel my soul
Echo through your heartbeat 
Let go
And surrender
Give in to the moment