1.A powerful emotion, such as love, joy, hatred, or anger.
2.a.Ardent love.
  b.Strong sexual desire; lust.
  c.The object of such love or desire.
3.a.Boundless enthusiasm: His skills as a player don't quite match his passion for the game.
  b.The object of such enthusiasm: Soccer is her passion.
4.An abandoned display of emotion, especially of anger: He's been known to fly into a passion without warning.

SYNONYMS passion, fervor, fire, zeal, ardor. These nouns denote powerful, intense emotion. Passion is a deep, overwhelming emotion: "There is not a passion so strongly rooted in the human heart as envy" (Richard Brinsley Sheridan). The term may signify sexual desire or anger: "He flew into a violent passion and abused me mercilessly" (H.G. Wells). Fervor is great warmth and intensity of feeling: "The union of the mathematician with the poet, fervor with measure, passion with correctness, this surely is the ideal" (William James). Fire is burning passion: "In our youth our hearts were touched with fire" (Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.). Zeal is strong, enthusiastic devotion to a cause, ideal, or goal and tireless diligence in its furtherance: "Laurie [resolved], with a glow of philanthropic zeal, to found and endow an institution for ... women with artistic tendencies" (Louisa May Alcott). Ardor is fiery intensity of feeling: "the furious ardor of my zeal repressed" (Charles Churchill).

My motto in life-
To do anything right, one must have passion!

Acquire it. Unleash the fire. Be fearless.
Go forth and conquer your kingdom!
...may you always have passion in your life...
...may you always have passion for life...