Friday, June 13, 2008

Ta Daa!! It's a female thing! You see, actually....

Summer school assignments- DONE!

And the plan was to get a whole lot of other stuff done too...but on.... It all started with the assignments getting done. And then a 45 minute dash to Barnes and Noble to get "Man's search for meaning" (they did not have "Travel that changes your life"!) (both books are required reading for the Vienna Theorists Class) and Circuit City for a small digital camera- which btw, ended up being a brand new blog post! It goes like this....

Me to sales clerk: "Hi. I'm looking for a digital camera. It needs to be small enough to fit into my pretty purses" I stated, which had the effect of leaving the sales clerk and a couple of male customers totally gobsmacked. Flustered by their expression I then said, "You don't understand... the camera needs to be small enough to fit in my pretty purses..... like about this size..." and I pulled out my motorola Razor V-3.

One customer looked at me funny. I bumbled on, "It's a completely different concept with women... you see, I have these pretty purses, and I have to fit my phone, powder compact and now my camera into them..." I faltered, at a loss for words unable to explain to this Y chromosome human- my point of view. Another woman chimed in and pulled out her cute little powder compact and she and I proceeded to ooh and ahhh over the travel-sized Lancome powder compact. It was a petite and practical 1 & 1/2 " in diameter golden disc. I glanced up at customer # 1 ...... he was trying to pick his jaw up off the floor following our exchange. (Female walked off to the CDs section)

I was very self conscious as the sole object of study under #1's gaze now. Anyway, the Casio that I wanted (which was the same size as my Razor- slender, petite, perfect! was out of stock) so I decided on the Nikon instead. It was a little thicker... sort of like a regular cell phone thickness but just as petite. It works... Paid and charged and all in under 10 minutes. Customer # 1 eyes me suspiciously (he probably had been roaming the camera section there for an hour or more...) his jaw hits the floor again. I looked right at him. "What?" I say... "It's just a camera. It's not like I'm buying a Calvin Klein gown and need to try it on first...." His look of consternation deepens. I try to explain my point of view, "Well...clothes shopping takes more time and research- you know color trends for that season..... cuts and design...whether or not the designer was a hit on the runways that know tons of stuff needs to be considered. Camera shopping is easy". But the look of sheer disbelief on his face made me wonder if he thought I was batty!

"It's a female thing..." I offered placatingly, yet remotely aware that the poor man might have an aneurism if I tried to explain further. "You see" I continued, uncomfortable but somehow unable to let him believe I had fluff for brains. "I generally would've called one of my guy friends. My real IT type ones... who live out in the Bay area... and are IT type people... for recommendations and advice and all.... but I am trying the whole independent female thing. You know, do electronics shopping by myself and all..."
#1 stares with a glazed look. I almost sense that at that moment he would declare undying frienship to me if only I would ask for his opinion on what one should actually look for in a digital camera aside from size. (Hey size does matter- it's another female thing! But I digress...)
"I like your shirt." I continue, eager to use my rapport building skills. "Express for men - last summer season.... I love that pattern. Two of my guy friends have it too. Great choice!"
#1 mumbles a response "My uh...girlfriend got it for me....uh.. thanks..." but by now, he looks very obfuscated.
"Well happy camera shopping! Take care.." I say as I rush out of the bright glow of #1's (by now totally "women are most certainy from Venus!") very judging looks.

Sheesh! I think, as I get into the car. It was just a freakin camera. Once settled in the car I notice the garment bag from Dillards hanging in the back. Hmmmmm, I wonder. It's the blue chiffon Calvin Klein I bought last week. Dillards is just around the corner. Should I stop and return it. $225 is a hefty price for a dress, Hey! It's the same price as my new camera- $233. Hmmm.... It is soooo last season though. But it does look great. Very soft periwinkle blue. Blue however, is not this season's color. Still it looks very elegant and expensive... it was on sale. It is regularly priced at $415. It is a complete steal. I call my friend Celia... "Hey woman! I got the Calvin Klein blue chiffon.... Should I keep it or should I take it back?..... I know... it looks great though..... Heck, no woman! I don't have that kinda cash...... It was on sale for like $200....... Yeah.... hmmm maybe..
I dunno I'll go home and try it on one more time. What are you doing right now?...... Well come on over and tell me what you think. I'm not home but I'll be there in like 10 minutes...... Yeah it's hanging in my car. I thought I'd return it, but it looks so good on me....... Well come on over and I'll try it on and show you. I'll be there in 10 minutes. I am on Eastchester. I was out shopping...... Oh nothing I was just at Circuit City...... Oh nothing much, just a digital camera... Yeah it's sort of tiny...... The dress lining is 100% silk and the dress is french chiffon. Yeah it's the one we saw online. Well that's what I mean it was on sale for $200. I know it's a great deal. Maybe I'll keep it. Well I'll see you in a bit. You can see me in it and then decide. Alright darling. See ya in a lil' bit. Take care, Bye."

Hmmmm... I think, it is a steal for only $200 or so. I mean compared to like the original $400! Well I'll let Celia see it too.

It's a female thing!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Phone Calls that change your life!

(Front row- L to R Hunter, Karen, Kevin, Me)
(Back Row- L to R Amanda, Lolly, Beth, Katie, LV)

I went to bed at 4:00 am yesterday! And this morning, my friend Kevin's phone call woke me up. It changed my life. Kevin always cheers me up. He knows me well enough (being just like me) to where he truly understands.... He got me all excited about our pending trip to Europe.

He gives great tips too- like how I only need to pack three black dresses for going out instead of six and how I should just leave my shoe suitcase at home! (This dude knows me...) I grumbled about my tummy and after he stopped teasing and singing he could relate to the fanatic in me when it comes to the need for flat tummies. He told me he is sneaking in running shoes (so I know I have a running partner in Vienna!) and that we can do pilates together. He is packed and all set to fly out Saturday (I hate him) and he is only taking two carry ons (I hate him more). He has sent in all his summer school assignments (I REALLY hate him) and he sounded in charge and all set (did I mention I HATE HIM!!!) I am jealous. I have not done any of the above yet. I am a procrastinator.

But he did change my life. He got me all excited about my trip. Now I am revved to go. I even chatted with Karen ( who is to be my room mate) and frankly she is as unprepared as I. But what the heck... pish...posh... excitement will get the job done.

I am officially out of the boredom dumps and into OHMIGOSH my procratinatingselfthatletsworkpileup hell! But.... that is a piece of cake. That I can handle. It is the dull, depressive boredom that is anathema to me.

Yup! Kevin's call changed my life. Hugs darling.... see you in Vienna!


I am bored. Strike that... I am bored out of my wits. My break was fun for a few days but now I am sick of my solitude and time. My daughter is spending half her summer with her dad and step mom. At first the break was welcome. But school was still a distraction.... But seriously I have come to believe that my kid keeps me on track. I have no reason to do anything with her gone. Wake up on time... do laundry... cook... clean... I have three closets full of clothes and my washed clothes continue to pile up on my guest bed with me dreading the ironing. I am living on peanut butter. And I have not vacuumed in a while! The point is all this freedom and time is driving me nuts. Not to mention the extra pounds I've gained because all I've been doing is sitting on my behind and eating bon bons in front of the TV!


I have been a workout monster since my failure to work out for the past three weeks due to school schedule, exhaustion and laziness.... In my boredom I am latching onto a fitness craze simply to focus my energy on that and hence lose the boredom. The point is in my quest for a flat tummy I have been trying (key word...) to eat healthy. I have been doing this by avoiding all the junk I love. The problem is, when you are bored, food is a great distraction. Especially chocolate.
Sigh.... I just realized in addition to being bored I have absolutely no will power against chocolate! In fact I may be addicted to chocolate.... and TV.... and my computer.... and exercising... and... sigh....

I give up. I am sooo bored! I wish something exciting would happen real soon. I need some chocolate... and then I should do some crunches in front of the TV in between blogging...
I need help!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Men a la sex and the city....

"The bad ones screw you....the good ones screw you.... and the rest don't know how to screw you!" (Sex and the City- The Movie)

My friend Pam and I laughed hysterically at this dialogue. In light of the conversation she and I had been having just prior to the movie on the drive there- touche! We were catching up on a few months worth of gossip and "tell all".... and I have to admit, for someone who has a ton of guy friends and very few girlfriends.... it is moments like these that can never be shared with a guy. Which is why I am ever so blessed to have my (few) true (and few they shall remain!)girlfriends.

It was a true chick flick. And much like taking a straight guy to a gay bar demonstrates power....ladies taking your guy to this flick most certainly demonstrates power. But I enjoyed it with my girlfriend, who knows it all and we tell it all like it is and make no excuses. We are who we are and we want what we want! We laughed. We talked. We had fabulous fun.

And despite the fairytale ending... (I thought on it long and hard and in the end I too would have done the same thing in a New York second) it was good fun! To the Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda in all of us...To the "Big's" in our life- whom we will always love, who make our hearts skip a beat every time... To girlfriends... and last but certainly not least- To our fabulous, foolish selves!
To Sex! And the "City"!!
To Pam
And "Big"
Good times.... great times....

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Because the heart bleeds...

Like the proverbial ostrich I have taken to sticking my head in the sand when it comes to the plight of my nation. Why? Because it can rip the insides out and cause pain like nothing else. It singlehandedly debilitates like nothing else. The hurt and ache of innocents lost. The shock of babes ground into dust. It leaves me raving like a fury. And impotence turns the darkness inward where it gnaws and feeds on my very soul until there is nothing left but emptiness.

And yet there are days when one soul's pain speaks to another. And you are made aware that you are not alone in anguish. In sharing a common loss, a common grief there is a degree of comfort.

Mohican, you spoke with your heart and it felt great. To know that there is someone who feels it too!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dragon Slayer- The art of my expression series # 4

(charcoal on paper)

This was a drawing of what occurred when I detoured to slay my dragon...

The words are:


To you I came for answers
for peace in turbulence
brought about by you...
To you I came in hope
yet aware
that there was none...
To you I came to slay my dragon
The dragon already lay dead.

Like a wash of uncaring
you glazed over everything
the good
the bad
it all lay blended.
I came for help
you had none to give.
I wanted to explain
you did not need that.
To you I came for answers...
But you gave me none.

The art of my expression series #3

(charcoal on paper)

The day creativity reentered my life.... I did this one in 2004. The plant was a miniature that sat on my coffee table in the bonus room upstairs. (Sadly, I killed it...I have not a green thumb) But it was a beautiful plant. I was sitting around idling time away, looking to find some aspect of my essence. I had lost myself in the mundane and yearned for a reconnection with my center. I absentmindedly picked up the pencils and started to scribble. 90 minutes later this is what emerged... and I had no idea I had whiled away an hour and a half! I felt renewed. I saw some glimpses of myself again and was eager to peel away the layers and reveal more. Yup! It all started with a sketch...

Coiffure evolution...UPDATE!!

CURLS!!! Glorious, beautiful, curls.... When I was a baby had ringlets. (my dad has curly hair) Incidentally so did my daughter. Hers fell out due to all the blow drying I suppose or due to getting older...I'm not sure. She looked adorable in them though!

My curls vanished as a result of my parents concern with my hair being so fine... being a girl and all they hoped I'd have a head full of thick hair... helps with the rishta finding process and all... :P

Anyway, educated folks that they are- the old wives tales still prevail. Several shaves of my head would fix the fine part and I would have a head full of thick luscious locks. Alas, they grew back straight...they grew back curly.....they grew back straight...and then they stopped. I am mortified that they stopped there. They could have stopped one shave earlier or even one shave later (in following with the pattern I may have ended up with curls!)

But Alas! Woe is me, the curls were gone. But hurray!... for today my curls are back. They come from a bottle and I love them!

Peace Out!

This one is for my daughter's legacy- the granddaughter of Khurshid Anwar