Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The moon, my feet and the path...

You are sitting beside the road that you seek.
Blinded by moonlight , you search for the moon.

And so it is with me-

May the moon 
Reside inside
My heart...
May my path 
Find my feet...


My dreams are not for sale

You rob my pictures 
Slander my name
And defame
Seek to shame

My soul is not your game

You point your fingers
Sneer and jeer
Snicker and laugh
Seek to break

My heart is not that tame

So have your victory
Gather your mob
In the city square
Let the gossips

I've lost it all
Many times over
But one thing I've never lost

This is ME...

and I have a ways to go still
I cannot stay
To fight with you
I have a dream
To win...

Sunday, August 18, 2013


I need to stop running out 
And start running in...

Thursday, August 15, 2013


"Sometimes we fall down because there is  something down there we are supposed to find..."

I fell down hard this time and the blessing is I kept my eyes open and so I saw what I was meant to find.

David told me once
"We can't go searching for love, we can only go inward and remove the barriers we have created internally to keep love out!"
For David I am blessed.

I am a desert
It has been an age
Since I felt the rain
This self imposed exile
From love
Leaves me starved 
Come quench my thirst
Come feed my soul
Shower me with your love
I long to feel you
Beat once more 
Inside my heart
Ignite the fire
Let it burn
Let it burn....

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ain't no reason-


Friday, August 9, 2013

Prisoners of war

"Prisoners of war"...
At the state board
The speaker said- he spoke of soldiers.
My lovers...
All of them.
Young men
Full of valor
Full of anger
Full of pain
All of them...
Prisoners of war-
All of them

"Where are you from?"
The lady asked-
My descent- Turkish:Arab:Indian:Persian
"Maybe if we all did that... Soon we'd all be the same and then there would be no need for wars..."
What a wonderful, wise woman
What a beautiful thought...

I saw him walk towards me
Head buried in his phone
At the gym
The man who had not spoken
In days-
With an ego to uphold...
He looked up
He saw me and his eyes lit up
He came forward to hug me
As I turned to embrace him he spoke
"Don't get too close!"
I took a step back
The story of us-
That little scene played it out
Me desiring closeness
And him too
And then the fear
And the push
He of course blamed it on illness
(Don't get too close- the irony of reality!)

He asked me of my daughter
"Is she religious?"
I wondered
What does that mean?
After all 
Who cares?
I don't
I believe in GOD!
HE is my religion
Where I find him is my religion 
What religion was Abraham 
He is described as 
An upright man
But what religion was he
He believed
That was his religion 
I suppose I am not too far off then

I saw her 
At the gym too-
In her hijab
And I said to her
Eid mabruk!
She lit up 
And we talked
At then end she said
"Thank you"
The raw gratitude so humbling to me
My understanding such a treasured gift 
I know the feeling
It was mutual

Back home I cried a few tears
I saw my lovers
Shoot and kill my brothers
I saw them both bleed
My lovers and my brothers
And the odd thing was
The blood that they bled
Was the same
I laughed for a bit
Through my tears
It's red
Their blood
Both of them
It's red...
What madness
Am I mad?
Or are they mad?
Here I cry and laugh at the same time
It's red 
Their blood 
Both of them
It's red!
I scream
Through my grimace
Am I mad?
Or are they?
What madness is this?

Prisoners of war
Prisoners of pain
Maddened by grief
And GOD only knows
What more-
Prisoners in our mind

Imaginary wars
In imaginary minds
In an imaginary world 
With imaginary lines
We choose to call borders
All of us
Just prisoners

Prisoners of imaginary lies

We all bleed red!
We are all the same-