Saturday, November 24, 2007


Bit by bit the heart turns to stone
Steadily thrumming- life's constant drone
Drop by drop all feeling funnels into the abyss
Layer by layer I seal it tightly closed
No more fear
No longer any pain
Not even a need to blink
As I stare straight ahead
Into the eyes of fate...
I am aware.

The Brit in me!

My dear friend... aka anonymous!

I laughed so hard! And you got the IQ in me and the Brit in me all rolled into one! The essence of my conversations with IQ were all double entendres. And they were deliciously delightful- much like the little snippet you brought my attention to (see "when it comes to Brits" on my videos).

Speaking of short strokes and premature ignitions... LOL. Lets just say, hmmm... btdt!

There is something very satisfying about having an intellectually stimulating conversation with someone on the same mental wavelength who can understand the witty banter that is verbal sparring!

So here's to you new friend- love the snippets we trade.
Here's to IQ- for the double innuendos
Here's to X- for the exact same conversation I had with you on the plane (short strokes and ignitions!)
And last but not least- here's to Brits! Yup... even the Brit in me... (double innuendo intended)

Friday, November 23, 2007


Have you ever failed to give a name to what you feel? Have you felt so much that it is all choked up inside you.... so much so that now even if you tried, it could not be expressed. Have you ever just stopped feeling and still felt? Have you ever run out of tears?

Have you ever known that you cry right now as you read, as you write... but that no tears will come. No tears will come because if there were tears, you could not bear it. If there were tears, you may fall apart. If there were tears, how could you go on. But you do go on, because you must. And life goes on, because it does.

And through it all you feel and yet do not. You want to cry and cannot.... because you have run out.... Just run out of tears.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

And I lost....

It didn't happen overnight. It took awhile I know. I didn't even realize I wanted- not until I lost....... you know.

I sit here today and think my thought. I ponder over my loss. I almost knew what I wanted, and then life happened and I was tossed in a whirlwind. As I whipped around in circles, somehow I lost my focus.... along the way I was distracted- sometimes impatient, sometimes chasing after sparkle.

That is how I lost. And the sad part is that I only realized it was exactly what I wanted only after the loss. Do we always want what is out of reach? When it is ours for the having we set it aside. But did I ever have it. Could I have had it had I only asked? Was I the one supposed to ask? Could you not have asked? You did... sort of... Did I not want then? And when I did ask you did not want... And now here you are and here I am...

And all is lost.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Rape of Pakistan

When you violate someone, and have your way despite their refusal it is termed rape.

When you do the same to a nation, what is it? I call it RAPE too.

Please speak out....

Tell me what you think....

Banning the news and promulgating Martial law is wrong!

If the creators of our nation like the Quaid could speak up about injustice why won't we...

If we see wrong and cannot act against it, we must speak against it.

You may take away our freedom of democracy, you may ban the news, you may lock us behind your version of an iron curtain, but... Mr. Musharraf...

Can you stop us thinking?Can you stop us knowing what is right?

Can you stop us speaking up?

You may arrest us if we protest, you may threaten and by brute force, control.... but that still will not make you RIGHT!

All is takes is to refuse to be controlled.

And the controller has no control over you.

To thrive you need to be free.

Free the nation.

Restore democracy.