Thursday, September 17, 2015


Smell of a leaf
Lots of laughter
And infinite love...
That's him
That's the one I love 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


What I feel...

What I need

What I want

Even when I speak...

It is a wilderness
I wander

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Tea, chocolate and tamarind...❤️

It's twilight outside
The soft glow of city lights
Warms up the evening sky
Like fireflies
Cars with headlights whiz by
People coming and going
Moving along
In this maelstrom 
Called life...

I sit still
Here in my coffee shop
In my particular seat
Tangy taste of my tamarind candy
Mixed with my mint tea
Feeling the warmth 
Of contentment
Mixed with some restlessness
Slowly invade my body

Smooth jazz on the radio
I contemplate
The brilliant show
That unfolds daily 
Before my eyes
We wake
We work
We love
We hope
We strive
We cry
One day we die

Outside a little child
Twirls and dances 
To the song 
Inside her head
What a beautiful sight!

It's time for a change...
I anticipate the taste
As I bite into
My dark chocolate 
Instead of the tamarind
I close my eyes 
To immerse fully
Into my delight
It melts on my tongue
A glorious explosion
Of bittersweet flavor
I smile as it satisfies
Fulfills the craving
I take a sip of my tea
The mint flavor
Enhancing the chilli

And ponder some more on
For me life is a lot like
Tea and chocolate and tamarind
A fascinating mix 
Of flavor explosions
Of anticipation
Sometimes bittersweet
And hot and often
But if you live it right
Life is the most perfect blend
Of unexpected
Mixing in all the right ways
To fulfil
And if you do it right
You'll spend it dancing
Like a little child
To the song
Inside your head
And bite into it
Never simply nibble...
Because life is never meant to be 
A whisper
Life is to be lived
Out loud

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Love notes~

 I may be busy and away but in my mind I miss you more often than I could remember....

He did not write much,
Just one sentence...
And one sentence
Was enough.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

She and I

I look in the mirror
She looks back at me...
I plaster on my smile
Her sad eyes stare back unsmiling
I look away
It is too painful to bear

I look in the mirror
She resolutely stares back
I break into a sob
She holds my gaze
I dry my tears
She strengthens me

I look in the mirror
She half smiles at me
My eyes twinkle back in return
She breaks into a grin
And I laugh back at her
We nod our heads in unison

She is me
And I am her...
We can weather
Any storms
That life may bring

Sunday, September 6, 2015


Sleepy eyes
Tousled hair
Dig deeper under the covers
Snooze some more
Mellow light through the curtains falls 
Favorite music playing on the radio
I sift through the memories in my head
And then one by one I let them go

Friday, September 4, 2015

Lolly gagging

gerund or present participle: lollygagging
  1. spend time aimlessly; idle.
    "he sends her to Arizona every January to lollygag in the sun"
    • dawdle.
      "we're lollygagging along"

      Lolly gagging 
      It's a unique and wonderful art. I have it honed down to an effortless skill. I engage in it often and derive great satisfaction in the practice of it. I have discovered I have the most unique ability to find the nooks and crannies where the act itself is treated with great reverence.
      I strongly encourage everyone to engage in it profusely.