Saturday, October 31, 2015

Autumn Homecoming

On a Saturday morning
Of autumn time
The tears that silently fall
Down my cheeks
Bring me home
At last
To myself
My heart
My soul
My mind
And body
Unite again,
It has been an agony
Of struggle
And madness
As each ran it's own course
And neither the right course
And in the process of letting go
And shedding
Of Autumn time...
The tears wash away
And I release
For I am
I will ever need
And at last
I return home
And in that quiet humble place
The divine meets with me
And I settle deep within presence 
And awareness of 
The divine in me

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Love and waiting

"Being with you is life! Everything else is just waiting..."

Words he says to me-
2 weeks!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Last gentleman standing

I saw him through the day
His face familiar 
But I could not locate 
Him in my memory
In the courtyard we met
Him leaving 
I walking in
We had spoken 
In written words before
I thought I knew his face
He reminded me then
Why I knew his face
We walked back in

In the maelstorm of the evening
We kept missing each other
Until at last we spoke 
He saw me
He heard me
And in the pull of the crowd
We parted
And came together 
Over a meal
I shed a tear
And as he listened
He handed me
A handkerchief...
The last gentleman standing 
My angel of grace

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Struggle and surrender

We struggle
For love
For love
We surrender 

(Today's truth...)

Friday, October 2, 2015

I want your face on my rock

"Are you on my continent?" I asked
"East of you", he said
There's his rock...
And my rock...
"I want your face on my rock-"
I simply stated...

His rock and my rock
Have been around a while
Oceans apart 
But yet
Our hearts are united

We've orbited around each other for over ten years
I like him in my orbit...

He thinks our paths criss cross 
And that we drift apart and come together when we are troubled

I disagree
I think we come together when we have drifted too far from our own true selves

He is not my mirror
He is like the beat to my heart

I once crossed an ocean 
And landed on his rock
I knew it not at the time
But he was the pull that took me that far...

We did not see it coming
It was preordained
Our meeting would happen
The stars proclaimed

He gave me a gift
I never knew 
I had always wanted...
I knew not that I wanted it
Until he placed it in my hands

He asked what my mom thought
I told him no thought mattered
No opinion was needed
I love him 
And that was all that really mattered 

He thinks it an honor
To have met me
I told him to own it
It was his right...

He said to me
"I have wanted to call you 
So many times....
But then I think
She must be busy or counseling or sleeping ...
And then I put the phone down
The call never made."

I told him
"One day
Your soul will tell you to call me
And your heart will refuse to listen to your brain 
And then it will happen
The call will be made"

I love this man
In the most honest way...