Friday, December 9, 2016

Curtain fall

After all was said and done
The charade played out
The false pleasantries dispensed with
And the act seen through 'till curtain fall
Time slows down 
And I am content 
To just sit 
And be
Surrounded in warmth 
And genuine love

Monday, December 5, 2016

My mama bear

"I wish nani was here tonight, putting on her rollers and her Ponds creme smelling like her nani smell...she smells sooooo good! And I could just snuggle into her. I miss her!"

And of late I miss her all the time too! I've spent more than half my life living away from her and I've not even hit forty yet! 

I finally begin to know and understand her, as I walk the life states she walked before me. I miss you mama duck!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Never gonna break

Momentous moments that are unexpectedly accompanied by their own soundtrack in my life..,

Today was bittersweet, poignant and reflective of the grace that surrounds me and carries me on gentle wings.

Never gonna break
Never gonna break
Never gonna break
~Bon Iver

Friday, November 18, 2016

Walking on coals

If it looks like I'm not affected
That is my strength not my indifference
If your cruelties meet with my understanding 
That is my compassion not my stupidity
If your selfishness meets my generosity
That is my grace not your victory

You are a fool to think
The things you do
I have walked barefoot 
On flaming coals
My spirit in unbroken
Unbreakable still

You shadow box with your own demons
I made love with mine

Thursday, November 3, 2016


In the universe are signs
Seek and you shall find them

I have always been intuitive to the whisperings of my soul
If I focus enough and meditate on it
I find so much information, it is at times eerie.

Prayerful harmony
Blissful joy!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


The darkness is not a place you were put to be forgotten
The darkness is there to show you your inner light

In the darkest of places you will find HIM

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Faith hope and love

A state of non attachment 
Will lead you to joy...
Like waves on the shore
That come and go
So do life events
They will pass through
Porosity will ensure

Akin to the unbreakable heart
That feels all
And let's all go
Emotions flow through
Like visitors 
Welcome them all
Let none rule you
Save three
And Love

Monday, October 3, 2016

Teri Shan Kay Aagay

Aik ansoo baha
Sajday main
Jholi phalayi
Rab teray aagay
Koi aasra nahi
Teray sewa
Sabr kiya
Karti rahi
Sehra mai pyasi 
Talaash rahi
Har mor pay 
Zam zam ki mujhay
Barsaat bhi to
Aanay ok hai
Kuch roz aur hi sahi
Seh lengay hum
Pyas hi to hai
Teri Shan Kay aagay
Bandi kurban hi to hai

Prayer for tonight

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
Courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference

Grant me the humility to bend into the storm
Faith to hold on in the roaring tide
And perseverance to pick up the pieces and start again

Friday, August 26, 2016

Oh my mama told me

Here I lay holding my child in my arms
Hunger only for the peace in my heart
While Tracy Chapman croons on
Feeling utterly blessed


Oh my mama told me 
'Cause she say she learned the hard way 
Say she want to spare the children 
She say don't give or sell your soul away 
'Cause all that you have is your soul

Don't be tempted by the shiny apple 
Don't you eat of a bitter fruit 
Hunger only for a taste of justice 
Hunger only for a world of truth 
'Cause all that you have is your soul

I was a pretty young girl once 
I had dreams I had high hopes 
I married a man he stole my heart away 
He gave his love but what a high price I paid 
And all that you have is your soul

Don't be tempted by the shiny apple 
Don't you eat of a bitter fruit 
Hunger only for a taste of justice 
Hunger only for a world of truth 
'Cause all that you have is your soul

Why was I such a young fool 
Thought I'd make history 
Making babies was the best I could do 
Thought I'd made something that could be mine forever 
Found out the hard way one can't possess another 
And all that you have is your soul

Don't be tempted by the shiny apple 
Don't you eat of a bitter fruit 
Hunger only for a taste of justice 
Hunger only for a world of truth 
'Cause all that you have is your soul

I thought, thought that I could find a way 
To beat the system 
To make a deal and have no debts to pay 
I'd take it all take it all I'd run away 
Me for myself first class and first rate 
But all that you have is your soul

Don't be tempted by the shiny apple 
Don't you eat of a bitter fruit 
Hunger only for a taste of justice 
Hunger only for a world of truth 
'Cause all that you have is your soul

Here I am I'm waiting for a better day 
A second chance 
A little luck to come my way 
A hope to dream a hope that I can sleep again 
And wake in the world with a clear conscience and clean hands 
'Cause all that you have is your soul

Don't be tempted by the shiny apple 
Don't you eat of a bitter fruit 
Hunger only for a taste of justice 
Hunger only for a world of truth 
'Cause all that you have is your soul

Oh my mama told me 
'Cause she say she learned the hard way 
Say she want to spare the children 
She say don't give or sell your soul away 
'Cause all that you have is your soul

All that you have 
All that you have 
All that you have 
Is your soul

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Shedding old skin

Shedding old skin 
All thoughts die away
Dissolve into nothing
Wisps on the wind
Giants fade to dust
Fear drops away
When the worst they could do to you
Is done
It's like shedding old skin
You step out of it 
And simply walk away

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Grace- at the end of the road

When you arrive at the end of the road to the point of no return, there is a deafening silence. You can see with absolute clarity the indisputable truth. It solemnly states itself. It is neither dramatic nor loud. Sans fanfare it is just 'there'. No solutions are apparent. You've already given all you had. There is no turning back because behind you lies only unhappiness. And yet you cannot step forward because before you lies a bottomless ocean. There is nothing more you can do...A strange calmness envelops you in its embrace. There is a resignation. An acceptance-of that which is. Simply is.

At this moment dear human take a breath.



Feel giddy with euphoria...

Because, dear one, only magnificence lies before you at this point.

One of two things can happen.

You will either be taught how to walk on water, or you will be given wings to fly!

(The universe will never throw you, where grace will not catch you O faithful one.)

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Out of your reach

You ask me about my strength
You wonder how I got it
And what it is that makes me tick
And keep on ticking 
Even after I take a licking

I fought a monkey when I was five
I fought a mugger at ten
At nine I was held at gunpoint
At eleven my family split
At fourteen I struggled with relatives
Who always saw me as troublesome
Because I called out their bullshit
At nineteen I was wed
At twenty two I was a mother
At twenty six I was divorced
And then I took some lovers
Who ripped my heart to shreds 
So I left the lovers and learned how to sew myself together
Somewhere along the way I got some degrees
Somewhere along the way I fell and cried and picked myself up again
My bones tell the tale
Of all my aches and pains
Unspoken wails sit in the tight knots of my muscles
And the smile on my face hides the tears
That I hold back sometimes for days

You wonder at my calm
And at my joy
Before there was calm
There were screams for days
Before there was joy
I wept an ocean

You see me stand tall
And you see me laugh
And in your entitlement
You seek to judge
You try to break me down
Sometimes for sport
Sometines you stand in awe of me
Some days you fear me

It will take more than you to break me
More than you to make me fall
Not in your lifetime will I crumble
Never before you kow tow
Maybe that is what frightens you
Maybe that's why you judge
Maybe that is why you try to break me
Hoping that before you I will bow

Strength is earned 
By each fall we take
Courage is an internal state
Joy is a choice
I will not break in your lifetime
Try as you might
I will be like water 
Slip through your fist
The tighter you try to squeeze me
I'll melt away
Out of reach

Friday, July 8, 2016

This is my skin- the one I was born in

Today I learned anew about hate
Today I was reminded again that while I try to practice love...
Some only feel hate
Today I saw the insides
Insides of people I call friends 
Today I learned that while I am called friend
My friends cannot love me
Or my color 
Or my skin 
Today I learned that hate is colorblind
But that the colorblind 
Can still see the color 
Today I felt the racial divide
And I was still so surprised
That the blood of colored folk
Is cheap
Today I learned that some
Are blind
They will deny
The truth of their eyes
It is easier 
To dehumanize
And blame 
A victim
For their own execution
Today I heard an argument
That exhausts my soul
Today I was told
Of the difficulty of a cop's job
I was reminded that 
They risk their lives 
And they would not listen 
That it's a fact
I do not deny,
Never have, in fact
A cop is brave
A cop risks all
A cop's life is of value
I honor them
Their life is of value
And so is the life
Of a brother 
Who too was slain,
But yet again
The same refrain
"He should have listened...
Should have done as he was told"
And even as they speak
They do not listen
To the pain
Of my brother 
To my pain
And today I wondered
When it was thrown in my face
"Do you realize how dangerous it is to be a cop?"
And I asked
"Do you realize how dangerous it is to be black, or brown?"
Being a cop is a choice, you see
It is chosen knowing well the risk it entails...
You are trained
You are paid
To be a cop
You choose it and are under oath to serve and protect 
Black and brown as well as white
Do you realize how dangerous it is to be colored?
To be in my skin? 
It is my skin
The one I was born in
And I am enslaved
And hunted and discriminated against
And I'm damned if I don't
And damned if I do
Because of the color of my skin
But they would not hear me...
I wept for my brother and for another human brother- a true cop, a protector 
But they could not even weep for me
Or for my brother 
Only for those
They chose 
And yet
My brother they never chose 

Today I wonder...

How can you call me friend
If you do not see me
And my skin
It is my skin
The one
I was born in
You say you do not see color
The color of skin
Claim that you are colorblind
And yet you see white
And you see blue
Selectively colorblind...
Is what that is

Today I wonder...

How can you call me friend
If you cannot feel my pain
Or my outrage
If I am disenfranchised from my grief
Because you claim
Yours deserves more fame

Today I wonder...

How can you claim
I am as free and equal
When you laugh and blame
When those of color like me are slain
And the only pain you feel is for you
And you challenge
Even my right to mourn
My fallen brother
As well as the cop
Who is fallen
And whom I honor and mourn 
I only question the cop
As is my right to question 
The cop-
Who should always be
Only my brother's defender
And not the one at whose hands 
My brother is slain

Today I wonder

If I can feel for both
And mourn both
Then why is it impossible
For you 
To do the same
Why are you
Unable to mourn
For me
And my color
And my skin 
The one that I was born in

It is the only one I have
It is mine
To live in

And since
My friend
You cannot
See me
Or my color
Or my skin
Today I honor
I honor my
And that of my brother
Today I write for that purpose 
I honor
The truth
That I am not
Today I honor
The truth
That this is my skin
And it may hold no value
For you
But that minor detail 
Can never
My color
My honor
My skin
The one 
I was born in

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Alton Sterling

There are events in life that are physically far removed from you and yet they are so personal that they cause your knees to buckle underneath you, crippling you emotionally, physically and mentally.

Events that leave you debilitated with shock
more anger
rage even
and pain...



Saturday, July 2, 2016

Baby can I hold you tonight

Songs that tug at my heart if I told you the right words at the right time you'd be mine...
Tracy Chapman

I sit with the quiet ache in my heart
A smoldering 
A yearning
A longing

For no one in particular

It is a feeling
That is mine 
Deep within
A passion 
I can ignite anytime I choose

But there is an excitement 
A quickening of the heartbeat
Butterflies wings
Making me want to spin 
And dance

I break into a smile
Filled to the brim 
Joie de Vivre

Songs that tug at my heart
Songs that ignite

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sisters raise your sons and daughters

Who raised these men?
Who seek to rescue me
Own me
Control me
And ridicule me?

Who raised these men?
Who talk down to my friends and fawn and gush
And can't seem to compliment anything but their looks- physical attributes...

Who raised these men?
Who don't realize the skill
And talent and brains 
Of the women they behold daily 

Who raised these men
Who dishonor and rape
And beat and yet think
It is their strength they uphold?

Who raised them?
Who raised these men?

Where are my sisters?

Too busy in gossip
Too busy ripping other women apart
Too busy competing with each other
For a man's attention

Who are you sir?
You put down my friend
And compliment me?
She and I are one you see
Disrespect her and you disrespect me

What happened to mothers?
How did theses men
Birthed from wombs
Learn how to spit in a woman's face?

Wake up my sister!
Chastise your son!
He mistreats a woman
He mistreats you!

Wake up my sister!
You watch him cheat
He cheats with you
If he cheats on her
He cheats on you

Wake up my sister
Help me up
If you put me down
You put you down too

Be a woman, dear sister 
Dear sister 
Raise your spirit
Raise your sons
Raise your daughters
Raise you too

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Locke- mentor, friend and fellow human

I cannot do funerals. 

 I'm not good at goodbye's I never have been. I'm even worse with the goodbye's I did not get to say.

 I went over conversations and looked through all my emails and text messages from Don Locke, and sat with my thoughts for a while. 

I am trying to find some peace and one email in particular, is the one I'm holding on too.

We were sky divers, Don Locke and I. We talked of risk taking and standing for what we believe no matter the cost, and we talked of life! The LIVING part of life, the part where you must live- loud, proud and unafraid, owning who you are and what you are!

We had talked of bucket lists too- And today amid my tears I hope he got every last check mark on his...

And it seems fitting to use a skydiving term to wish my dear friend good bye- 


Fly high!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Milk and honey- the night she read to me

The words she reads
Echo my life
Her life
We weep

This child of mine
Is exquisite
And her soul

We talk through
The book she reads
I know why 
She weeps

We speak of fathers
Of lovers 
Of love
Of self love 

She tells me 
I'm strong
I tell her
YOU make me strong

She finds herself afraid
And excited to grow
To be
Like me

I am content
To be me
And having a daughter
Who wants to be like me

I am 
I begin to see
Exactly where the universe
Intended me to be

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Way to God

I thought back to the days we played together...
We laughed
We cried 
We grew up together
And now it's hard to recall
We once were that way
In judgement now
He stands before me
With a verdict on his lips
He who I have always fought for
He who never fought for me
How fast the times change
How it stings the most 
When those that hurt you
You love the most
And so it goes
You judge me
Shall I judge you too?
For judging me...
It's easier for me
Now to forgive
Your ignorance 
I'm exhausted from speaking
Always saying my piece
You will believe 
What you choose to believe
It's easier for me
To simply walk away
There's your way
And my way
And how many wars will we wage
Over the ways
That lead to God?

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mothers and daughters

Chats with her mother are the most important conversations a daughter can have.

I'm 38 and most days all that is needed is a mama duck chat to get my brain right again.

A few days ago, Mama Duck says to me

"You are who you are because you have been through a lot..."

And just like that I remember who I am and why the struggle is necessary. 

Adversity is a catalyst for growth. 

And then I surrender and fall into the whirlwind that only a moment ago frightened me. Only this time it isn't fear, but resilience, awareness and a quiet confidence that I feel. A quiet sort of knowing that whatever is coming, I will face it and in the end I will overcome and be okay.

Meanwhile in another mama conversation - me with with my teen this morning...

Me- it's a hyper sexualized world you're growing up in
Bug- yup
Me- sex is a very natural and normal part of life you know
Bug- yup
Me- nothing to be ashamed of, quite normal to be attracted to people and for people to find you attractive 
Bug- I know mom...
Me- meanwhile attraction and all considered, your goodies are on lockdown! I mean if someone says 'you have great goodies', you tell them 'I know this- thank you. I like my goodies. They're my goodies! And just an FYI mate they are on lockdown. No goodies for you!!!'
Got it?
Bug- I got it. My goodies are on lock down!
Me- exactly! your goodies are on lockdown. If someone tries to get those goodies... I will go all psychomama on them!
Bug- oh I believe that!!!
Me- yup! I mean like seriously 
Bug- oh believe me I know!

And so it goes...
My mama reminds me that I must surrender into a whirlwind and I remind my bug that her goodies are on lockdown until further notice.

38 and 16
Different talks
Different lessons
Same wisdom!

Soul food

"Your soul has a voice
What matters is how quickly you answer it's call, and follow where it guides you"

When I answer my soul
I am happy

When I conform to an arbitrary world
I come undone

You may call me 
Out of line
Out of turn
In your world so blind...

But my soul and I are one

I can bear 
Your wrath

But my soul betray
I never can
I am a woman wild
My soul can not be tamed 

I dance at will
Free like the wind
I have no use
For your arbitrary ways

Ask me of the infinite wisdom
In the air
The earth
The waves...
My soul hears it all
The birds call
The heart's wail
No I have no place
For your arbitrary ways

I claim no fame
Seek no fortune
I own a treasure
Deep inside myself

Does my insolence

Does my free voice 
Rasp inside your brain

Does my dancing
Frighten you
Or my lack of shame
Make me 
You cannot tame

Did you think me
To own
And mold
And rule
And break

I am a woman wild
I give life
I fear not
Your arbitrary ways

With each sunrise
I am reborn
You seek to ruin me
But I am a soul
You cannot
My essence
It will remain
Long after your arbitrary ways

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bruised rose petals and concrete

Don't ask me why...
Ask me how-


Unfailing courage.
Faith in your creator.
The humility to be ground into dust.
After all,
We all come from dust.
Hope- that when you've hit rock bottom,
the only thing left to do is begin to climb your way out.
Crawl if you must.
Bleed and break and fall if you must.
Weep if you must.
But climb,
You must...

And yet you ask

Endless forgiveness.
Of self,
And of other.
The wisdom to falter
And yet,
To falter but never fail...
To fail you have to give up.
But don't give up.
Never give up!
Let death happen,
But never give up.
As it stands,
Death comes to us all...
All die,
But few actually live.
And falter...
But never give up!

And still you ask
Never give up?

Above all...
Endless love
Love that informs 
That to do anything but
Is not an option.
That is how...

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Raising daughters...

It's a jungle out there.
Give them the skills they need to navigate it. 

Teach them:-
Singlemindedness of purpose
The ability to let go
The desire to hold on
The worth of that which cannot be bought-
The value of a life, any life, every life
How to have fun
How to fight dirty when needed
How to bend with the storm
And above all

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


The only hold others have over you is you holding on...
At some point you have to let go
And free yourself-

Monday, April 25, 2016

Mean hearts-

What emptiness of existence leads to a mean heart...?

After days of facing mean, I came home today bruised in spirit and soul.
"I want to read Chrysanthemum and play parcheesi!"
I told Bug!
"Let's do it she said..." Remembering her childhood tale about bullies who will try to snuff the joy out of a shining soul.

Sometimes the grown up world is full of bullies too!

So we read a bedtime story...
And it was divine.
And then I sang to her our song- 

-You are my sunshine...

And then we played our other song-

And lastly this one...

And then it all settled into place. Perspective! 

Nothing else mattered but what I held in my arms this very moment!
This was life!
This mattered...

Not the fucking shit I've been dealing with!

This, here in my arms was life-

And I thought, what emptiness of spirit leads to such a mean heart!?

It did not matter to me anymore. They did not matter and neither did their actions.

Here in my arms was my universe intact!

How then could anything ever touch me?

When you are love and filled with love, hate and mean cannot touch you...

My blessing always, this beautiful treasure...

Thursday, April 14, 2016


I'm not quite sure when or how my heart starts to close off but it does.

I want to keep it open...wide open...

There was a man today playing conga drums outside the Reading Terminal Market. A homeless woman missing her two front teeth enjoyed and danced to the music. She was having so much fun!
I stood next to her and danced with her. She liked my red hair. I thought she was beautiful, how she enjoyed the music, lost in it. I told her I thought she was beautiful. We connected. She did not ask me for anything.

I returned to conferencing, exhilarated by the interaction. Later this evening, I wanted to show Bug the Market so I brought her to grab a bite. We bought some pastries after and thought we'd see the Liberty Bell and then head back to the hotel to rest and enjoy our pastries.

We headed off in the wrong direction and I wanted to step into a store to get directions. Outside the store, the homeless woman from earlier today saw me. She came over to talk and I told her I remembered her from earlier. I'm not sure if she remembered me, but she approached me and asked if I could spare some change. And that is when it happened. My brain process- I'm on a budget this trip- I need to buy Bug a car-I'm a single parent-I only had 20's in my wallet...

So I told her I was sorry and turned away.

(The night before last as I walked to the hotel in the cold, and saw the homeless huddled asleep by the grates for warmth, I thanked God for his blessings- that I was headed to a warm place to rest my head with a full belly. It was only a matter of chance I was not them and they were not me. I thought, tomorrow I should bring a box of food for them. The same thought crossed my mind when I walked to the conference this morning. The homeless were gone by then but I knew they'd be back by nightfall.)

Just now after a tasteless takeout order I did not want to eat is sitting outside my hotel room I am in turmoil. I am wasting food! Furthermore, I wasted money on food I did not eat. I wasn't even that hungry in the first place. I was just gluttonous and wanted... Food... Food that did not satisfy.
Was I hungry- no, it was just the desire that I might want some before I went off to bed.
Not need...

The homeless woman today who asked me to help had a need! And I did not help her... I had other wants- a car for Bug, budgets, etc but not really "needs".

After all I had a car and we can share it. I had more than enough money to give the homeless woman but my heart was closed. 

And tonight this thought broke it open, and the breaking hurts. 
My guilt hurts.
I am glad it hurts.
The hurt means my heart is open.
And tomorrow if I see that woman I am taking her out to have lunch with me.

After all SHE gave me joy today- as she danced, and we briefly interacted. I took the joy she gave me, I was greedy. I needed that joy to brighten my closed off heart. I was also selfish and took without giving back!
And this thought makes me tear up because it hurts...
I am glad it hurts.
The hurt means my heart has opened again.
So this woman who I refused to help earlier helps me still, and opens my heart yet again for a second time today.
First with joy this afternoon
And now with sorrow and guilt and understanding and kindness and empathy.

She is a beautiful angel, and gave me so much! I hope she has a warm place to sleep tonight and some food in her belly...

I hope she will forgive me.
I ask my creator for forgiveness for not helping her today, but never again shall I be unwilling to help...

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

16 and the clock's ticking...

My little baby zebra wanders around prancing in her onesie, reminding me of the little toddler she used to be. This adorable creature, a joy and an aggravation by turns, holds my heart in her little hand- and can squeeze and make me wince or burst open with love at will.

So it is with unconditional, uncontrollable love. It is without volition. I love, and I exist to love... Her... Endlessly...

Of late each second is an ache since I don't have her for much longer. The clock ticks on and in less than two years my little Bug will fly off into the world. I catch my breath at the thought and savor each aggravation and each joyous moment, by turns frantic with worry that she isn't ready and I've not had time to teach her everything she should know, and also rapt at her excellence and profound wisdom for her young years.


A more exquisite ache of loving I have never felt before...

My baby zebra smells like angels breath as she snuggles in my arms tonight.

I bask in the glow of blessed, heavenly love, the kind only a mother who holds her cub in her arms knows...

My little bug
My baby zebra

"Put those away" 
She said to me this morning as she was telling me a story and I bristled in protective indignation, my claws starting to show...
"I've retracted them", I replied,  "look! Mama bear, Black panther is all kitty soft paws now"

This amazing little human is life, is meaning, and joy and blessing and existence....

And soon she will fly off and take on the world-

I love her and I miss her and I love her and I miss her...

And she's not even left yet! 

Each moment I have had her is imprinted in memory and she is the best of life and of me.

One does not just love a Bug-

One falls 
Head over heels
With a Bug
And my baby zebra, my angel, my love, my Bug holds my heart and soul firmly in her hand...

Force of nature

" were like a force of nature. I felt your presence and turned to watch as you walked by. You were focused, with an intensity of purpose, each step deliberate as you glided past with a casually confident air about you."

I laughed, a little surprised by this description of me. I know I have precision focus and when I want something I get it, one way or another. I just have to want it enough... But this description made me think-

Purpose is a must for me, and hardwork isn't daunting. It is to be expected. I despise mediocrity. I demand exceptional excellence, and will push for it.

I am willing to practice an art I committ to, endlessly, until it becomes second nature to me, executed with flawless ease. There is no other way in my book. I have to love it passionately or it's not worth the effort. If it's worth doing it's worth doing well! I have very high expectations and I'm not often disappointed in myself. I work hard to meet my expectations. I love that about me. If that makes me a force of nature I'm okay with that.

I believe that true human essence is a force of nature. If more humans worked hard to embody essence and free themselves from the shackles of ego, this world would be a better place.

Mediocrity is existing like an animal, a slave to the whims of ego. The art of living is aspiring towards essence. That highest form is what I aspire toward. Each day is a journey and a struggle with self. Each day is a lifetime in that effort.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


You must break
Over and over
Only that way can you discover
What is truly "Unbreakable" in you
And that part is your authentic self

Get to know it well
Listen to it
Turn up the volume 
When it speaks
Only this voice matters, the rest is an ego illusion

My new awareness...
I had to break
And break things
To have a break through,
And break free:-
Of some patterns
Out of a rut
Of ego prison
Of fear
Of pain
Of anger
Of expectation
Of entitlement 

Unbreakable is a good place to find myself today-

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Woof! And Sparkles...

"They keep trying to dim her sparkle"
(Bug to the man who inquired why I was having a bad day...)

Sometimes in life there will be those who for whatever reason will decide to take out their misery on you, because you laugh harder than they do! 

It happens- walk on...
After all you have your life to live and you should live it out loud!

As Fritz Perls said,
"I do my thing and you do your thing.

I am not in this world to live up to your expectations,
And you are not in this world to live up to mine.
You are you, and I am I,
and if by chance we find each other, it's beautiful.
If not, it can't be helped."

Moral of the story- sparkle on!