Tuesday, June 10, 2014


When you become unafraid of your heart breaking
When you take risk after risk in pursuit of your dreams
When you know in your soul
Even when there is no logical evidence to back it up
When you can appreciate both the pain and joy in existence and not be overly swayed by either
When you finally understand what is meaningful to YOU
When you can sit in respectful silence with your thoughts and truly listen without judging or condemning yourself or others but simply understand...
When you no longer feel the need to be better than another and simply desire to be genuinely authentic
When alone does not mean lonely 
When you can stand up straight and carry your own weight
When you know the glorious humility of asking for help
When your exterior is weathered but an inner glow shines through
When you can win it all or lose it all
And not blink twice
Because both are okay by you
When you can experience an eternity in one single moment of presence 
And find peace in it
When all you see has exquisite beauty
And the beauty of the outside is a mere reflection of the beauty on the inside....

-Such is the art of "living"...


Fahad ali Khan said...

This Article remind me Drama "One Tree Hill" ... Nice Writing :)

Anonymous said...